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Limited Edition
Our Technology
  • Ultra-Zone Ribbing

  • Advanced Knitting

  • Arch Support

  • 200 Needle

  • Chevron Ribbing

  • Gifting

    Fun Running Socks

    Stand out from the crowd!

    Fun socks are great presents for runners! Our crazy men’s and women’s socks can match your runner friend’s favorite race or simply serve as a one-of-a-kind type of self-expression in the form of novelty socks. Our Limited Edition designs include crazy running socks with themes ranging from cryptocurrency to cute animals to foodie to patriotism (Fourth of July race, anyone?). Imagine how your runner friend will literally stand out in the crowd in a pair of Avocardio crew socks or other novelty socks. Our funky socks are not just wild and crazy running socks; they are also engineered to give all athletes the benefits of modern textile technology in the pursuit of their sport.

    Abstract Art, Cute Animals, Delicious Food, and More!

    As gifts for runners who not only have somewhere to go, but also have something to say, these funky socks run—pun intended—the gamut from Fluid Art to cute Dogs to Pizza. Got a running buddy who’s into alternative investing? Get him or her some Bitcoin Socks. Do you need gifts for a romantic runner? You’re in luck, because we carry Valentine’s Day socks, a superb choice for a race on that sweetheart-oriented occasion. For the chill runner at the starting line on Race Day, we’ve got Groovy Peace Sign Socks, baby! Imagine hitting sunny tracks and trails sporting a cool set of Miami Socks when you race at a summery venue.

    Innovative Design and Engineering

    All of Zensah’s Limited Edition socks have features such as the targeted arch support and an anti-blister seamless toe. They are made with moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry, and are anti-odor courtesy of silver ions infused in the fabric (no kidding). Since they’re specifically fitted to the left and right foot, they are amazingly comfortable. Graduated compression makes the runner not only less fatigued, but also helps in faster recovery. These and similar features are found throughout our Limited Edition products.

    For the Foodies

    Are you a foodie at heart? How about some Tacos, or maybe Donut Socks? When the weather starts to turn colder, try on our Pumpkin Spice socks. After crossing the Finish Line, you’ll be able to lead the pack to your favorite snack shop for some post-race carb replacement. Or if you’re into superfoods, our Avocado Socks should work for you.

    Get yours today!

    Whether you are a serious runner looking for some unique technology-enhanced socks jogger who runs for health and fitness, you will find that our amazing running socks at Zensah are the most fun, comfortable, and functional socks you will ever own. You won’t be disappointed.