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    Gifts for Runners Under $20


    What are the best gifts for runners under $20?

    Running is a recreational activity that many take seriously. You may be looking for some unique gifts for runners, and that is a great idea because there are a number of inexpensive, helpful accessories in a sport that can be as minimalist as a pair of good shoes and an open road and as complicated as nutrition gels, compression sleeves and technologically-engineered socks. 

    So what makes for some good gifts for runners under 20 dollars? 

    Running Socks

    one of the best gifts you can give a runner is a good pair of socks. Many runners report that wearing regular cotton or athletic socks can lead to blistering or worse. Technical running socks offer moisture wicking technology and different constructions that help prevent blisters and an overgrowth of odor-causing bacteria. Blisters are pretty much the bane of any runner's existence, but socks can help with more than that. Some socks, for example, offer extra padding to relieve foot fatigue while some aid in injury rehabilitation through compression. Essentially, a runner can never have too many good socks. 

    If you are looking for unique and inexpensive gifts for runners, check out these options. Athletes are only too happy to receive anything that will help them continue doing the sport they love no matter the weather or chafing or blister potential.

    Technical Tees and Tanks

    Retailers in the U.S. carry technical t-shirts or tank tops pretty universally. Runners love a technical tee for its sweat-wicking capabilities and odor resistance. These shirts keep athletes dry in any weather, helping runners regulate body temperature. You should be able to snag an excellent shirt on sale or clearance for under 20 dollars. 

    Nutrition Options

    Some runners like to joke that they run so they can eat more. However, those who are training for races or who regularly go out and run long find that nutrition gels, chews and drinks can be literal life-savers. These gifts for runners come in all sorts of flavors and can include important electrolytes and nutrients to replenish the ones athletes are losing. 

    Cold Weather Gear

    Unless you're shopping for someone who lives where it's sunny year-round, cold weather gear can also make great unique gifts for runners. Options range from gloves, neck warmers and buffs, knit hats, ear warmers, headbands and hand warmers that will fit inside gloves for that extra bit of warmth in freezing temperatures. 

    Safety and Reflective Gear

    Another option for gifts for runners includes a range of safety gear like slim easy-to-carry pepper spray, bear spray or dog-repellant spray. Other ideas include reflective accessories like vests and arm bands, so road runners stay visible. Those who run in the evenings or early mornings also appreciate head lamps (with batteries!) or handheld torches designed to be easy to carry, and these are excellent gifts for runners under 20 dollars. 

    Anti-injury Accessories

    Any runner could tell you the pain of chafing, but you might be surprised to hear that chafing can occur in some pretty strange places. Retailers offer powders, glides and balms for chafing protection. Some runners may also appreciate anti-injury measures like KT tape, or anti-blister technology like toe caps and second skin.