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    The Purpose of Compression Arm Sleeves

    The Purpose of Compression Arm Sleeves

    Physical trainers have long understood the benefits of certain kinds of gear for people who are either starting a new workout regimen or are looking for ways to enhance their performance in their existing workout plan. Metabolism, cardiovascular efficiency and endurance are among the things trainers expect to improve during a challenging workout, so any apparel or device designed to advance that process is high on the priority list for both amateur and professional athletes.

    A compression arm sleeve is one of the apparel options for a wide variety of athletes. Here are some of the benefits of the product and some reasons you might want to consider it for your training program.


    Simply put, the primary function of a compression sleeve is to improve and help regulate blood flow and circulation in the arms. This kind of enhancement is useful in nearly any sport, but it can also be a particular benefit to sports and workout types that include endurance training, cardio exercises or distance sports like running, bicycling or swimming.

    The sleeve operates by putting gentle pressure on the outer skin surface. This has the effect of subtly increasing blood pressure in the arms, which helps increase the flow of blood throughout the body. When heart rate increases, blood supply over time also increases, helping the athlete improve their oxygen supply and energy level.

    Sun Protection and Temperature Regulation

    Excessive heat is a problem for any engine. This is no different in human musculature. Compression sleeves are constructed to draw moisture away from the skin, which carry away heat as well. In the process, overall body temperature is reduced, which relieves pressure on the athlete's metabolism and conserves energy for other purposes.

    When body temperature is regulated in this manner, it can make the workout more fun, more effective and easier. Compression Arm Sleeves can also protect the skin and the body from overexposure to the sun and outdoor temperature by blocking heat accumulation and using an UPF 50+ surface to absorb harmful rays.

    Injury Prevention

    Pain from injury or stress can be reduced by gentle pressure. Compression Arm Sleeves can function in a manner similar to a bandage or brace to provide support for a joint or muscle. With the reduced stress, there is more opportunity for healing and a better workout. Compression Arm Sleeves can also aid in preventing injury by reducing overextension and unnatural movements.

    Muscle Recovery

    When muscles have better circulation, protection from the sun and injury prevention measures in place, it can help tired and overworked bodies to recover quicker from workouts. This can lead to a number of benefits not the least of which is increased endurance and higher tolerances for fatigue.

    Zensah Compression Arm Sleeves might seem to be a rather simple product, but the benefits are considerable, and new technologies are leading to even more effective enhancements for athletes.