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Limited Edition
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    Head Pro S Padel Balls


    NOTE: Sold as 1 can of 3 balls. Coupons and discounts not applicable to this product and, if used, can subject order to cancellation.

    Get ready to hit the Padel court with padel balls created with performance and durability in mind! Made by Head, the Head Padel Pro S padel balls have an excellent reputation for a reason - they are well known on the professional padel circuit, but also they are chosen las the official ball of the World Padel Tour, Spanish Padel Federation, Portuguese Federation and more. 

    This premium ball allows for elite control and extended durability. Discerning players find the durability and feel of the Head Padel Pro S Ball Can to be the ideal choice.

    Ultimate Accessory for Ultimate Padel Play

    • Iconic Neon Yellow: Padel balls- all in the quintessential neon yellow, perfect for the court.
    • 3 Pack Can: Contains 3 padel balls in 1 Pressurized Can.
    • Official Ball of World Padel Tour: Made specifically for padel play and the World Padel Tour. 
    • Ideal for Court Play: Hardness and rebound are ideal for play, tournaments, and padel games.
    • Sleek Design: Designed and produced with a sleek and sporty design.
    • Recyclable: Produced by Head with a sustainable can made to be easily recycled.


    • Polyester/Rubber