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    PF Compression Sleeve (Pairs)

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    Roger B.
    United States

      It's mysterious how something so "simple looking" could be so effective!

      I have had foot pain for decades, but it wasn't until my sister was recently diagnosed with plantars facsiitus , that I became aware of treatments. My foot size is right on the threshold of the medium and large size, but I purchased the medium pair of compression socks. They arrived and I was shocked at how tiny they were, but wrestled them on with the help of some talcum powder. There was a few snapping sounds on my first attempt to put them on since I must have exceeded the stretch of some of the fibers in the socks, but I have not heard any more snaps since. When these wear out, I will buy a pain of the larger size, for comparison. Despite the difficulty of stretching them over my feet, I did not feel any discomfort while they are on. I wear crew socks or dress socks over them with no feeling of bulkiness. They have been worn now, during the day, for 2 weeks and I definitely feel an improvement in the pain near the front of my heel. I also have seen a marked reduction of the spider veins and blood pooling in my ankle area, even after the socks are removed overnight. Great Product!

      Scott tennis guy

        PF Sleeves

        I used to play tennis after a little girl smashed a shopping cart into my Achilles. It gives nice support to the point i'm not feeling any soreness while I'm playing. However it starts to feel a little bit tight on circulation at the bottom of the foot which is the tightest part of the item after about an hour and a half on the court . Could be less restrictive on lower foot. Overall it gives me confidence and support to run down balls with a sore Achilles.


          Fantastic product!

          I use daily for very effective relief of Plantar Facitis, best product I have found and I have tried a lot of them. They provide all day relief, don't smell, and stand up to washing. After 4 months of use I cannot think of a negative, will be buying again for sure!

          barefoot marital artist

            surprisingly good

            Great product. Can wear all day or night. Helps relieve foot and heel pain. Great for plantar fasciitis. Wish there were more feminine design patters or color options.



              Compression could be better, not sure there is any real benefit