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    Heavy: Editor's Choice, The Seamless Running Sports Bra

    June 10, 2022 2 min read

    Heavy: Editor's Choice, The Seamless Running Sports Bra

    by Kate Halse on 03/09/2022 Heavy.com. See the full article here.

    Seams are an active woman’s worst enemy. They dig into the skin and can cause chafing and blisters, especially during sweaty activities and long workouts. Keep your skin pain-free with a sports bra that won’t rub or lead to blisters. Now you can enjoy yoga, HIIT workouts, spin class, weight lifting and other activities without skin distress. Here are the best seamless sports bras for women of all shapes and sizes.

    A favorite among runners looking for a chafe-free experience on long runs, the Zensah Seamless sports bra is seamless top you’ll want to have on your next big training or race day. It’s great for short runs, too, but having a sports bra that won’t rub during extended training runs is essential for marathoners and distance runners. Zensah sent me a Seamless Sports Bra for an in-depth review. Here’s how I feel about it after logging several miles.

    As a runner, I look for sports bras that are great at wicking moisture. Damp material can quickly lead to chafing and skin discomfort, not to mention feel downright gross on a hot summer day. This seamless running bra features a blend of nylon, spandex and polyester to stay light and dry during workouts. The warmest run I did during testing was 75°F and 65% humidity, and my sweat quickly evaporated to keep my skin satisfied. 

    It’s also easy to remove the bra after a hot, sweaty run, which is always a bonus. Even after a hot and sweaty 8-mile run, I didn’t struggle to peel it off afterward. Especially if you’ve been running for hours and don’t have the energy to wrestle a damp, tight top off your body. A stylish racerback design won’t restrict your arm movements and also looks great with or without a shirt. 

    In terms of actual support, I’m on the smaller side and felt very comfortable the whole time. This bra is great for A and B cups, although larger-chested women say it holds them in without spilling over the sides. 

    Shop the Seamless Running Sports Bra HERE.