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    Runner's World: The Zensah Gazelle Sports Bra Delivers Comfy Compression

    June 18, 2018 1 min read

    Runner's World: The Zensah Gazelle Sports Bra Delivers Comfy Compression

    See original article on Runner's World HERE

    Since 2004, Zensah has been saving runners from achey post-run legs with its tried-and-true compression socks and sleeves. Now, the company has taken the same supportive technology that athletes loved, and flipped it into a sports bra line. The most supportive of the bunch is the Gazelle, a high-impact racerback for larger cup sizes.

    Support in the Gazelle

    The Gazelle gets its support from Zensah’s targeted compression. Using a combination of resilient yarns and ribbed nylon-spandex blend fabric, the bra has more compression in the places you need it, with a looser feel in high-abrasion areas. This means you get a bra that can map and match your curves for the highest level of support. In the Gazelle, you’ll find a lightly compressive, secure fit that limits bounce, but doesn’t overly squeeze or constrict.

    Gazelle back features

    How the Gazelle Feels

    The Gazelle sports bra has a seamless, simple pullover design with no tags and no clasps, so there's little risk of chafing. For added comfort, the bra’s wide straps disperse pressure evenly over the shoulders while the keyhole back boosts ventilation and breathability. Plus, Zensah’s ultra-soft fabric is infused with copper and silver ions to help wick sweat and manage odor.

    Gazelle Runner's World

    What Our Testers Thought

    The Gazelle offers tons of support, which made fans of our wear-testers. “I liked the elasticity of the cups and the overall support the bra offered,” one D-cup tester said. “I definitely felt all tucked in! If this bra is clean in my drawer, it's the first one I will grab for my runs.”