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    B2B Limited Edition Mini Crew Competition

    August 18, 2021 1 min read

    B2B Limited Edition Mini Crew Competition

    Zensah is more than just athletic wear, we make athletic wear a fashion statement with our bold colors and limited edition prints! Limited edition print running socks are just what every athlete needs to take their workout outfit to the next level. 

    We are always looking for fresh ideas, so we want to hear from you! Did you ever wish that Zensah made a certain print? Well now is your chance to submit your own Mini Crew Limited Edition design! 

    The winning design will be chosen by our very own Zensah Ambassadors. The store with the winning design will receive 20 mini crew running socks of their design! 

    Here’s how to enter:
    1. Download the Mini Crew Sock Template HERE or save the blank image at the bottom of the blog
    2. Design it anyway you’d like! Draw it, Photoshop it, or any other way to clearly communicate your design to us.
    3. Submit your design with the name of your store to customer@zensah.com
    Guidelines & Notes:
    1. Entries will be accepted until Sunday, 10/19. Winner will be contacted directly and announced in an email blast.
    2. The design cannot be store specific (aka no store logo in the design).
    3. The design cannot include any trademarked elements (aka, no Mickey Mouse or McDonalds logos, or copyrighted artwork that is not Public Domain).
    4. The rights of the winning design are given to Zensah.
    5. The printed winning design may vary slightly from the original submission.

    Remember your creativity will always be #withoutlimitz. With endless possibilities, we are excited to see what you come up with!

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