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    Benefits of Merino Wool for Running Socks

    June 29, 2021 2 min read

    Benefits of Merino Wool for Running Socks

    Do wool socks come to mind when thinking about the ideal running sock? If it doesn't, it certainly should. Even though wool has the perception of being bulky, hot, itchy, or uncomfortable, the opposite is in fact true. Wool socks, especially Merino wool socks, are actually some of the most comfortable and beneficial socks on the market- especially for sports, performance, and activity. Wool athletic socks are actually a great investment for runners. Merino wool socks are adaptable to keep feet warm and dry on cold, winter runs, and cool and dry on your summer runs through the forests. 

    What is Merino Wool?

    Merino wool is a specific type of wool that is grown by Merino sheep. Merino wool is thinner and more fine than regular wool which makes it the most comfortable type of wool to wear. The shape of the irregular Merino wool fiber allows for it to trap air within- meaning Merino wool socks are often highly insulating, yet breathable. This gives Merino wool thermoregulating properties - insulating in cooler temperatures and moisture-wicking in higher temperatures.

    Merino Wool strands are about three times finer than a human hair. This extreme fineness makes Merino wool so undeniably soft. Thicker wool that we remember or think of has historically been cheaper, so it was used more often. However, Merino wool is now more accessible, allowing it to be woven into more accessories and clothing. Merino's increased availability and better fiber weaving technology allowed it to be more widely utilized in performance and athletic clothing.

    Most importantly, Merino wool is natural fiber and renewable resource. The reason Merino wool works so well for running socks is because the benefits the natural fibers provide to the sheep, can also be felt by humans. Merino wool makes some of the best socks to keep feet comfortable regardless on the climate. 

    Why Is Merino Wool Special?

    Merino wool is highly suited for those participating in any physical activity such as running, cycling, or hiking because the very nature of the fiber to keep you dry. This is why Merino wool socks are actually better than your average cotton sock. Merino wool socks, with the fiber’s unique moisture-wicking properties, are naturally conducive to staying dry and feeling fresh.

    In addition, wool has natural anti-odor properties because it effectively moves moisture away from the body. As a result, odor does not have as much of a chance to build up. 

    Zensah Uses Merino Wool!

    Try our best-selling line of Grit Running Socks that are backed by our lifetime guarantee! These socks are guaranteed to last you for many runs to come, and if it doesn't, we will replace them for absolutely free.  

    Zensah's High Cushion Hiking Sock and Wool Running Socks are also made with a blend Merino Wool that will keep your feet dry and protected even through the grittiest and muddiest trails. 

    No matter the season, ensuring you have some quality wool running socks, hiking socks, or athletic socks, could just be the best decision you can make for your feet and your performance. Merino wool offers such immense benefits that it’s definitely worth giving a try. Making an investment in Merino wool socks will be one that you certainly won’t regret.

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