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Tips for Better Running Form

June 15, 2021 2 min read

Tips for Better Running Form

Here are some helpful tips on how to have better form while running from avid runner and marathoner Kim Clarke.

1. Quick turnover

Think quick, quick, quick feet. Whenever you want to go faster, just think turnover! The higher the turnover, the less risk of over-striding.

2. Strong posture

Keep your shoulders back, and keep your core engaged. (A strong core holds together good form, so also work on that core on the side).

3. Focus on a forward lean

Lean in the direction you want to go (hint: forward!)

4. Relax your upper body

You can't go fast when you are all tensed up. 

5. Mental focus

Focus on picking up your back foot as soon as it hits the ground. That's where your mental focus should be while running.

6. Have fun

Running is meant to be fun. Don't put pressure on yourself. Just focus on one form element at a time. Give yourself some grace as you are learning and growing. 

For me, working on form was the catalyst for progress and improvement in so many areas. Having better, more efficient form unlocked more of my potential. That's why I always talk about it since no one was talking about it when I first started running. People saw me running, and no one gave me any tips or helpful advice. When I did get advice, I didn't want to listen. Eventually I did, and my running completely changed. 

These are a couple of things to think about this week on your runs. No matter fast or slow, it makes no difference because good form is good form! No speed limit necessary to pay attention to how your body moves while running. 

Credits: Kimberly Clarke. IG: @trackclubbabe

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