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    Best Socks For Playing Pickleball

    November 28, 2022 2 min read

    Best Socks For Playing Pickleball

    We have introduced you to what is pickleball and pickleball rules. If you are familiar with Zensah, it’s probably not the first time you are reading about the importance of socks for performance. Whether for running, cycling, or any other sport, socks matter for movement and activity and that includes playing pickleball... but why and how? Read on and discover how to ensure you perform at the top of your pickleball game just by picking the best sock! 

    The Science Behind:

    It does not matter how good your pickleball shoe is, if your socks sucks, your game will probably also suck…Why? We can call it the Domino Effect, aka a chain reaction caused by one trigger, the trigger? The wrong socks that do not have features to prevent impact on your lower body, which can result in the most scary thing for athletes…injuries! 

    Why do Socks Matter?

    For example,  Zensah’s Pickleball Socks  are strategically designed for performance. They are made with fibers like wool, and are made with a seamless design that prevents chafing, which means you do not need to worry about blisters through your long mornings and afternoons playing pickleball. Summing up, you definitely do not want to choose the wrong pair of socks that may bring along some bulky problems to your lower body, and ultimately to your pickleball game. 

    The Best Socks For Playing Pickleball 

    When choosing the right sock, there are certain aspects you should consider. Follow these steps and ensure your socks are always in your favor: 

    Pick your sock height. As it is very personal, choosing whether to play with an ankle or crew height sock is really up to you.


    Choose a sock made of wool. Why? Wool is a hydrophobic fiber, which means although the socks may get sweaty, it does not absorb water; meaning, your feet stay dry. By ensuring your feet are dry, there is less of a chance of chafing and blisters getting in the way of your game. Besides being “moisture-wicking,” as you’ll see this term a lot surrounding wool, it is lightweight, breathable, and anti-odor. Worrying about smelly socks stays in the past. 


    Ensure the right fit with targeted support. Picture this, it is Sunday morning and you start playing pickleball at 8 a.m., and goes until 12 p.m. Five hours not only on your feet, but with  constant impact on your lower body.  Getting a sock that is specifically designed to cushion and protect pressure in the toe to heel areas, with targeted arch support is a must to prevent injuries. 



    Our socks not only make you feel better, but we're doing better with sustainability.

    Now that you know how the best socks for playing pickleball should feel, another benefit is you can feel good knowing seamless manufacturing is actually a very sustainable process. Beyond Zensah’s seamless design, which has a manufacturing being a near-zero waste process, the Shakeout Socks are made with over 50% recycled materials!



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