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    Limitless Looks Like Ron Romano

    November 17, 2022 3 min read

    Limitless Looks Like Ron Romano

    Meet Ambassador and 10x Boston Marathon Runner, Ron Romano! YES, you read that right, he's got TEN Boston Marathons under his belt! Ron’s positive energy is infectious, he always ensures others are having fun in any group activity and adventure. Ron is a connector who brings people together through running, whether it's through his podcast, at races, or (literally) running around NYC, and through all six major marathons. 

    We had the immense bliss to speak to him about his journey to the Boston Marathon this year, read on to discover Ron Romano is the impersonification of limitless.  

    ZS: How did you get into running? Why do you run?

    RR: I got into running because I missed competitive athletics, I was a D1 College Baseball player. I run to be the best version of myself.

    Above: Ron is wearing the Compression Leg Sleeves, and the Limited Edition Running Gloves in Color Explosion

    ZS: You’ve ran in 9 Boston Marathons before! That's incredible! Why do you love this Marathon? Do you feel like anything will be different for lucky number 10?

    RR: Boston will always be #1 because of its storied history and the legends and events (bombing, weather) that have contributed to its lore. I’ve been blessed to be involved with its great history, debuting in the 99th Boston in 1995 and running my fastest Boston in 96 in the 100th when I ran 2:41 and finished 441st out of 40K runners. Also ran in the 125th last year and look forward to the 126th and bringing the same fire and passion this year that I had for the sport in my 30’s. It’s my greatest blessing to still be competing and hope to inspire others.

    ZS: How are you training for the upcoming marathon?

    RR: Consistent mileage (55-60+MPW, lots of hills, weekly tempo and long run).

    ZS: What advice do you have for fellow runners or those working towards marathon goals?

    RR: Be consistent over the training cycle. Its ok to miss a few key workouts if you are dinged up, or sick. Make the smart call and keep building. 


    ZS: What advice do you have for fellow runners or those working towards marathon goals?

    RR: Be consistent over the training cycle. It's ok to miss a few key workouts if you are dinged up, or sick. Make the smart call and keep building. My mantra is 'Stay In the Fight!'


    ZS: What are your favorite must-have Zensah products and why?

    RR: Love the Arm Sleeves.  Calf sleeves. Favorite by far are the gaiters,  especially the Color Explosion Gaiter because it matches my custom PODCAST racing kits. Also the Boston Limited Edition.


    ZS: What is one quote you live by? Or a personal mantra? (Can apply to running or to life!) 

    RR: 'Stay In the Fight!' For life, running and my I sign off every PODCAST with “keep lacing em up, keep getting out the door and ALWAYS remember to Stay In the Fight!!

    ZS: What is your favorite place you've ever ran?

    RR: Tokyo. Magical place. Near the Imperial Palace, or ancient temples. 

    Above: Ron is wearing the Boston Limited Edition Compression Leg Sleeves

    ZS: You’ve spent a lot of time in Boston for the marathon over the years! Any other places you typically visit while in the city? (Restaurants, running spots, anything!)

    RR: Running the Charles River is always great. The North End has amazing Italian food and a few places offer gluten free options for Celiacs like me.

     ZS: What other hobbies do you love (in addition to running, of course):

    RR: I'm a huge foodie and wine lover. Always searching for fun, new, innovative cuisine that’s gluten free. Golf. Travel. Adventure.

    ZS: Where can people find you? (on social media and at upcoming races in addition to Boston!)

    RR: @ronrunsnyc (personal IG profile) @runchats_with_ronrunsnyc (My POD—on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Google and other platforms)

     ZS: Zensah’s motto is #withoutlimitz meaning we want you to feel limitless in everything you do. What does limitless look like for you? 

    RR: Finding causes that are deeply personal to inspire others. My POD shares stories of amazing humans who’ve used their running to overcome huge obstacles and “Stay In the Fight”.  During the pandemic, I ran 10 marathons in 10 weeks to raise money and deliver meals to frontline covid units in NY/NJ. Also ran 60 Miles for Tommy RIVS on his 60th Bday and raised 6K to help with his families enormous medical bills from his bout with a rare cancer.

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