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    Do Bunion Corrector Socks Really Work?

    October 25, 2022 2 min read

    Do Bunion Corrector Socks Really Work?

    Today on the Zensah blog, we’re diving into a foot problem affecting  1 in 3 Americans… Bunions! The clinical name? Hallux Valgus. The look? If you’ve watched the movie  Grown Ups, with Adam Sandler, you’ve probably seen how bad a Bunion can look, if you haven’t, it is a bony bump on your big toe and let’s just say it is not pretty. The feeling?  If it is severe, you’ll have a throbbing pain, and even the burning sensation of the swelling causing pressure against a nerve. Because a bunion is a deviation of bone and tissue on the big toe developed over time, is there even a way to help relieve bunion pain? Yes! We have created a sock that's meant to help relieve bunion pressure and give your feet (and bunions) the TLC they need! Don't have bunions? No problem, some people just like the split toe design as a way to separate toes or to wear with flip flops! Read on to understand how a Bunion Corrector Sock can help your bunion relief, and learn different ways to use it on your everyday life! 

    The Science Behind It: 

    To understand how our Bunion Corrector Sport Socks work, you need to know how a Bunion is formed, and here is how: when your big toe keeps pushing against the next toe. This can happen due to several factors, like tight shoes (women are 10x more likely to develop one), arthritis, and prolonged stress to the foot (like ultramarathons). Moreover, the Bunion Corrector Sport Socks are made with a split toe design that prevents overlapping of the toes, and to help relieve the pressure caused by simply reducing friction and abrasion. Seems simple, right? That’s because it is! By simply helping with realignment, Bunion Socks can be a huge ally to relieve your pain. 

    I don’t have a Bunion, but love these socks…can I wear them? 

    Of course! The  Zensah Bunion Corrector Sport Socks  are for everyone! Yes, they are specialized on Bunion relief, but they are also for everyday activities because of how it helps with circulation, and extra cushion. Beyond being a great choice to wear around the house, they’re the perfect socks for flip flops, sandals, and even Yoga! 

    Pick Yours: 

    NEW Bunion Corrector Sport Socks: Ideal for activity! This is a specialized-sport edition, lightweight, ultra-comfortable, moisture-wicking, and breathable, made for any workout! 

    Bunion Ease Sock: According to reviews, “these are the best socks I’ve ever tried or found to ease discomfort from bunions. 


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