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    Fortune Favors The Bold - Aaron Truesdale

    October 21, 2019 2 min read

    Fortune Favors The Bold - Aaron Truesdale

    "Fortune Favors The Bold" is a Zensah series featuring inspiring stories of athletes pushing their limits to achieve boldness.

    What is your definition of being bold?

    Being bold to me means taking risks, putting yourself out there and doing what you love. No matter how doubtful in your ability. You take that risk and prove to yourself that you can be successful.

    In 2018, I ran my first Boston Marathon. Weather conditions were less than ideal, especially for a Southern Californian athlete. Cold temps, wind, rain, sleet. I knew I had a difficult task ahead of me but I decided to be bold beyond what I believed I could be. That race was the fight of my life. Never once did I think I couldn’t do it. I trained too hard to give up and I wasn’t going to let the weather stop me from crossing that finish line. My results were not what I was looking for as far as time went but I was so proud of my self that day. 

    During the 2018 Boston Marathon I wore my Zensah compression arm and calf sleeves. They helped me more than I thought they would that day.

    • Reason 1: the protected me from the cold temps and wind.
    • Reason 2: Because it was raining so hard during the race I didn’t see the need to drink any water at the aid station.
    In the later miles I felt the cramping start up in my arms but my Zensah products helped keep it from becoming a debilitating issue. I was able to cross the finish line without having to stop and aid my cramping arms and legs 


    zensah athlete aaron truesdale

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    Post written by: Aaron Truesdale | IG @n1aarun



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