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Fortune Favors The Bold - Donna Mills Honarvar

October 14, 2019 1 min read 1 Comment

Fortune Favors The Bold - Donna Mills Honarvar

"Fortune Favors The Bold" is a Zensah series featuring inspiring stories of athletes pushing their limits to achieve boldness.

What is your definition of being bold?

Being bold means pushing past your breaking point and being true to yourself no matter what obstacles you face.

You're too tall.

For me being a tall runner, most people said I was not meant to run marathons and to keep to shorter distances. After taking an 8 year hiatus from running, at age 41 I ran my first 5 marathons with four of them being sub 3 hour in one year!

This just shows the power of your inner strength if you just believe in your own instincts and throw yourself out there. I started wearing compression sleeves and socksto keep my calves fresh and secure during training and competition.

Zensah has always given me unconditional positive support and innovative gear that inspires me to push beyond my limits. 

Donna's Top 3 Zensah Picks

✔️ POP Tech+ Compression Socks

✔️ Racey Sports Bra

✔️ Topography Neck Gaiter

Post written by: Donna Mills Honarvar | IG @donnamillhonarvar



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a. tristan
a. tristan

October 16, 2019

Would like to order a gift certificate for a friend. Is that possible.?

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