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    Fortune Favors The Bold - Mitchell Klingler

    October 07, 2019 3 min read

    Fortune Favors The Bold - Mitchell Klingler

    "Fortune Favors The Bold" is a Zensah series featuring inspiring stories of athletes pushing their limits to achieve boldness.

    What is your definition of being bold?

    My definition of bold is when you are willing to do what you believe whether it is the norm or not. An individual needs to be willing to take a chance on themselves even if it is not the easiest route. The bold have strength and when things go wrong, they grow from it. They confidentially deal with it and become a better version of themselves. After coming up short in my first two marathons, I took a chance on myself, my coach, and with lot of persistence; I qualified for the Olympic Trials in my third marathon attempt.

    Giving up on qualifying for the Olympic Trials is something that never crossed my mind. Although, I knew time was coming to end since the qualifying window of opportunity was closing. I knew that this third marathon of mine was going to be my last chance to qualify before the window closes. I quickly needed to learn from past mistakes, take action, and be determined every day to achieve my goal.

    Running is not the norm where I am from but I didn’t let that derail me from my goal. I decided I was investing everything into running this time around. I was buying into my coaches running program where as in the past I would do my own workouts. I would run every day instead of just when I felt like running. It was bold of me to jump on this chance even though my fastest marathon beforehand was 2:27:49 and I needed to run faster than 2:19:00 to qualify. That is a big drop in time but I was ready for a challenge. I knew it would take a lot of hard work, sacrifices, and changes in training but I was willing to take a chance on myself.

    Athlete Mitchell Klingler

    Previous training cycles I would try to run a lot of miles but always end up tired, fatigued and eventually felt burnt out. I work a 40 hour a week job on top of running. It can be hard making sure I eat properly, setting up schedule that allows me run 100+ miles a week, and to get adequate sleep. I managed my time better, maintained a healthy diet, slept more but still something was missing. This training cycle I found Zensah recovery products. Zensah was able to make two huge differences in my training and was the missing puzzle piece. I was able to run hard workouts in the featherweight compression socks and that allowed me to run further and quicker than ever before. I was getting in more quality running then in the past. I also used the recovery tights and sleeves after runs which helped me recover quicker and made my body feel great for the next run. I was able to make this bold new jump in my training because of Zensah. I could now take my training to the next level I needed to be fast enough to qualify all because I was now recovering properly from Zensah.

    Mitchell's Top 3 Zensah picks:

     ✔️ Featherweight Compression Socks

    ✔️ Compression Leg Sleeves

    ✔️ Recovery Tights

    Post written by: Mitchell Klingler | @mitchklingler

    Mitchell Klingler has continued his competitive running career since winning Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association championships in the 5,000 and 10,000 meters during his time as a student at Albion College. However, one of his biggest accomplishments of his running career was qualifying for the U.S. Olympic Trials.




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