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    How the "Nothing to Lose" Mentality Makes Goals Easier

    January 12, 2021 2 min read

    How the "Nothing to Lose" Mentality Makes Goals Easier

    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Internalizing this thought can make goals a lot more fun to achieve. You can build the confidence to take on more risk and put yourself out there. Believe in yourself because... "Why Not?"  You cannot ride the line of your potential if you do not believe in yourself, scared of failure, or feel suffocated by pressure. 

    Be Positive

    Our positivity is the FUEL to our goals. Without it, we will run out of gas and burn out along the way. We need to relentlessly be positive and stay positive to achieve our goals. 

    Go All In

    If you have a goal, you are cheating yourself if you do not go ALL IN. If you want something badly enough: commit. Do all of the little things as well like great recovery, sleep, drills...etc. If you have a workout, you go mentally all in. You are not sandbagging it, having a negative attitude, or mentally checking out. You are treating every workout like it MATTERS. You need the most recovery to get to your goal as well. Fill your head with positive talk while you recover. 

    Believe You Can Hit Your Goals

    PLEASE don't set a goal that you don't think you can hit. It's pointless. Do not waste time just hoping you can hit a goal. Truly believe you CAN and WILL hit your goal. 

    Going into workouts feeling confident like you have nothing to lose is the way to go. For some reason us amateurs with TRULY NOTHING TO LOSE (i.e. no championship riding on us, not financially dependent on our results) somehow carry all of this pressure like we have something to lose if we bomb a race. Take the pressure off yourself. This is for fun and for you. 

    So, you bomb a workout or a race. Then what? You pick yourself up and move on the bigger things! You cannot WIN if you get paralyzed by the thought of losing. Take a chance on yourself so you CAN win because you have NOTHING to lose. 


    Post written by: Kimberly C. IG: @trackclubbabe

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