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    How to Keep up With Training During the Holiday Season?

    December 14, 2022 2 min read

    How to Keep up With Training During the Holiday Season?

    Picture this: You open the door, drop your three bags on the floor, and say, “I’m home for the Holidays, y’all!” The week when family, friends, and loved-ones, get together to celebrate, travel, and relax… but the Disney Marathon & Miami Marathon are just around the corner, you can’t hold back on training. Plus, sticking with doing what you love (aka running) will help you cope with stress, and keep up with your mental health. So, how to manage a training routine during the holidays? We've got your answer!

    Check out tips and tricks to keep up with training!

    Plan Your Training… and Stick to It! 
    We understand that it’s time to relax and not add appointments to your calendar; however, we also know that running/training will have a positive impact on your holiday. Our advice is to prepare a schedule beforehand, including possible workouts during this time. For example, if you know there’s going to be a day loaded of activities and festivities, plan a HIIT workout or an intense and short training session. 

    Use the Morning to Your Advantage
    Fast forward to that laziness after lunch, especially if you’re on cold weather, well…here’s a tip to not let it stop you: get your workout done in the morning! Simple as that, by training in the morning, you get the rest of your day to relax and not worry about having to get it done later. 

    Take a Partner

    Before anything else, you should not feel guilty for taking this "you" time to go out and train, but we understand you might hear comments such as, "you run for the whole year, take a break." So, here's the tip: You're surrounded with people you love, why not invite them to join you in doing something you love? By inviting a member to go out with you, it's a way of letting them in and enjoying a healthy activity together. It can even be a bonding time! 

    Sweat Smart & Enjoy  
    Being consistent may already be hard during the Holiday Season, so why plan hard workouts/runs for the week? Use it as a week to do light-training and workouts that won't wear you out, don't worry about PRs and don't expect super long runs. Instead, Run...Relax...& Repeat! 

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