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    How to Start Running in 2023?

    January 09, 2023 3 min read

    How to Start Running in 2023?

    Uh, January…Month one, a new year, new perspectives, possibilities, and goals. One of those goals? Start running! A quick disclaimer, you do not need to run marathons to be considered a runner. A little secret is, if you run (consistently)…you are a runner. One thing we guarantee is, once you are in, there is no way out. The hardest part of running is, starting to run. Why? Simply because it is like any other habit. Read on and we’ll explain the science behind habits and how to use it in your favor to start running in 2023! 

    The Science of Habits

    It’s beyond starting to run, it is about turning into a habit, but what is a habit? So, let’s say every Monday you go out for a morning walk. It doesn’t matter what happens, you always make time for it. The answer is yes, you can call this Monday morning walk a habit! A habit is a regular practice that is hard to give up. This is the key to start running, make it into that Monday morning walk, make it a…habit! According to the author of the book Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg, it takes 21 days to create a habit, twenty-one days of consistency, and a key point to creating this habit is through a neurological pattern called the habit loop. Today, we will show you how to include this loop that consists of a cue, the routine, and a reward, to start running. 

    The Top 5 Tips 

    Find a running community: A few blog posts ago, we touched on how a community can turn into a better runner. Well, a running community can also help you start running. As you have probably heard the proverb, “tell me who you go with, and I’ll tell you who you are.” A few reasons to have a running community are: motivation, accountability, people who work together for the same goal, and some social interaction. 

    Pick a race: This is a mental hack you'll definitely want to do. If you spend some money and sign-up for a fixed race, it is a way to keep you accountable. Just don't rush on picking a date right around the corner, give you some time to train for it. 

    Slow and forever: This is one of the most important tips, over-training and overloading your body may lead to runners' worst fear…injuries! The best way to avoid injuries (besides wearing the perfect apparel), is taking it slow. You don't have to run 3 miles on your first run. Try the Olympian Jeff Galloway favorite way to start: the Run-Walk, which is simply taking brief walk breaks when you are not tired. This is because it does not consist of interval training, and yet building constant endurance. 

    Use apparels in your favor: For the first months, you can go with the basics, no need to elaborate. Getting yourself a sports bra, some good shorts, appropriate-comfortable running shoes, is key to prevent injuries. However, one of the most important item that if chosen wrong can be your worst enemy is the sock! Keep in mind that you want apparel and socks that are breathable, seamless, and moisture-wicking, which are those that keep sweat off, preventing chafe and blisters. 

    Use the habit loop: Here’s where we can put all of these above together. As said, the loop consists of a cue, a routine, and a reward. Here’s some advice on how to layout this for 21 days (the amount of time it takes to build a new habit). A cue can be either feeling accountable to your running community or to your race, as it can be just the desire to look cool with some Zensah Limited Edition designs .The routine would be going out for the run (or anything related to the running goal). Finally, the reward could be taking a shower that makes you feel good or eating an Avocado Toast that you love. 


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