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    How Can a Community Influence You to be a Better Runner?

    January 17, 2023 2 min read

    How Can a Community Influence You to be a Better Runner?

    We can all agree that a lot of the fun part from running comes from the “you vs. you” challenge. However, we can also agree that whenever you run with a buddy who’s PR is higher than yours, it adds some spice to your training. Plus, who doesn't love some good company.

    With that said, we wonder how can having a buddy and a challenging pace influence your training in the long-term? Read on to understand how a community can help you run better! 

    The Science Behind 

    We definitely will get to the psychology of belonging to running, but first, we need to take a step back and understand the human emotional need to connect to others. According to Very Well Mind, in Social Psychology, the effect of belongingness has a positive effect on your mental health, and in Abraham Maslow’s (throwback to psychology class) hierarchy of needs, it is a huge need that motivates human behavior. Besides, in order to conform with the group, you evaluate yourself and be inspired by those in the group. 

    But how does this apply to running? Like any other community, a running group is great for support and guidance, creating connections and ultimately a sense of belonging. While support and guidance can help you prevent injuries due to inconsistent training, it can help you improve running techniques. It is always good to have the eyes of an outsider. Plus, you’ll meet awesome people who are striving for the same goal, and are constant motivators, even on those days you wake up with zero intrinsic motivation. Finally, buddies who understand your passion and your classic, “I can't, I have a long run in the morning.” Still not sure whether to join a running group? Check out  Jenn Wilson’s story on Women’s Running  about how she discovered the value of running communities! 

    Now that you’re interested in finding a community, how to find the right one for you? It is easy to get overwhelmed with options, and not knowing which group to join. A great first step if you do not know where to meet other runners, is searching for online communities (Zensah for example). Another way is finding local running stores, as a lot of them host weekly runs from the store. The only way to find your group is getting out there, eventually you’ll find your match! 

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