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    9 Great Reasons Why Working Moms Should Play Golf

    January 26, 2023 4 min read

    9 Great Reasons Why Working Moms Should Play Golf

    Golf might seem like a man’s game to some, but it has been a gender-neutral sport since its inception. Records of women playing golf  reach back as far as the 15th century.   Women playing golf is as natural as any other sport. Still, what does that matter for the working mom?

    Quite a bit, as it turns out. Golf is one of the best sports for a busy mom to play. Golf lends itself to being a social game with a light workout. For the busy mom, golf offers plenty of benefits. Today, we’ll be talking about why golf should become your new pastime.

    Reasons to Play Golf

    Here are some of the best reasons to give golf a chance as a working mom.

    A Fun and Light Workout

    First and foremost, golfing is a skill-based sport that for the sport itself, doesn’t require long and intense sessions. Light cardio from walking around the course, and short bursts of intense swinging give moms a light but satisfying workout.

    It’s hard to stay active when working,  so golf is a great way to motivate yourself to work off those calories. When combined with a regular workout routine, golf is a fun pastime that lets you stretch those muscles for something productive.

    Business Meetings

    Business meetings over golf aren’t just a movie thing. Golf is an inherently social sport thanks to its leisurely pace. While it can be competitive, golfers aren’t usually hitting the ball at the same time. This means there is plenty of time to talk shop after each play. It’s also a lot more fun than a stuffy conference room

    Golf meetings are a great way to put business partners and clients in a good state of mind. The competition keeps them interested, the walking keeps them energized, and the walks mean every conversation is concise and meaningful. A good  work-life balance  doesn’t have to mean one or the other is more fun.

    Makes You Relatable

    Having something in common with a co-worker or boss makes for  a great lunchtime  conversation. Golf is a great sport to have in your conversational pocket. Most anybody can learn to play golf. It can have as many players as people like. The skillset is simple but the mastery is challenging. 

    Even if someone doesn’t play golf, it’s much easier to offer a game of golf to someone than, say, a game of pick-up basketball. It also lets you act as a teacher, advising on  how to care for golf clubs  and make the perfect shots. Golf makes for a great icebreaker.

    Family Time

    Golf is a fun activity for your all-important  family leave.  No matter how many there are in a family, there’s no limit to how many players can join. After all, it’s a huge field for minuscule balls. That alone makes golf a great way to spend time with the family. 

    For those looking for a wackier experience, mini golf courses are also available. These courses are much smaller in scale. They make up for it with silliness and personality. Obstacles that spit out balls, rotating grass, and other nonsensical fun make mini golf courses an arcade sport. 

    A Change of Scenery

    Boredom is the silent killer. Whether it’s looking for good  laundry service  for your family or the gray walls of an office stall, monotony can trip up even the most veteran of mothers. Golf is a great way to get out of any funk you might be in.

    Golf courses are sprawling and beautiful. Players will be spending a lot of time just admiring the scenery. It may seem simple, but it’s the small pleasures of life that keep people going.

    A Safe Sport

    Most sports have some dangerous elements to them. Contact team sports are one bad foul away from a broken limb, for example.  Golf is unique in that it doesn’t require the players to punish their bodies in ways they don’t expect.

    Sure, being faster and stronger still helps a lot in golf. However, being weak in other sports makes you susceptible to injury. Golf has no such risks. It’s very hard to injure yourself playing golf. It’s one of the few sports that can be played at 100% without much risk to yourself.

    Sleep Soundly at Night

    Golf is a workout that doesn’t strain the player, but it does still tire you eventually. These activities encourage your body to want to rest. Unlike other sports, golf provides the best environment for these sorts of activities.

    Golf courses have clean air, and walking for hours breathing relaxes the body in ways it doesn’t even notice at first. Good sleep is one of those luxuries that adults need to take whenever they can.

    Versatile Sportswear

    Golf doesn’t have jerseys. Instead, players are encouraged to wear comfortable polos and airy slacks or comfy shorts. This means most people can  wear golf attire  to social events too. Moms rarely have time to buy new clothes with how busy they are, so golf manages to be a very useful tool.

    Hot tip: Do not forget to look for  ultra-comfy socks  that are very important for a very comfortable and fun golf game. Check out ZenhSah for other sportswear.

    A Long Haul Sport

    Teach your kids golf  now and they’ll be playing it well into adulthood. Golf’s casual pace means that no matter what age, people won’t have too much trouble playing it. Golf is a sport that won’t suddenly get too hard to play just because you’ve put on a few years.

    There’s a reason why so many old businessmen love golf. It’s a way to stay active without any risk to their well-being.  The simplicity of golf also means there’s not much risk of skill being affected with age.


    Working moms have a lot on their plate as it is, and golf offers them a way to destress. It’s a meditation, sport, and light workout rolled into one. Golf can be played for business meetings or an exciting activity with the family.  These reasons are why golf remains such a popular sport to this day. 

    If you’re a working mom looking to get into the golf scene, do not forget to visit our shop and checkout our fabulous sportswear.

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