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    Limitless Looks Like Scott Alboum

    January 31, 2023 3 min read

    Limitless Looks Like Scott Alboum

    It's no surprise that pickleball is on fire, and this could just be another blog post about pickleball; however, it is way more....limitless!! Today, instead of hyping the hottest and fastest growing sport in America, we couldn't ask for a better way to kick-off this year than an introduction to the community of Senior Pro pickleball player (and Ambassador!), Scott Alboum.

    Besides watching some of his pickleball practice before Boca Masters, we had the pleasure to meet him, and we thought you should too. A dedicated husband, farmer, animal lover, wine sales representative, who's passionate about environmentalism, vegetarianism, and being a Zensah Ambassador! There is no doubt limitless looks like Scott.


    Read on to learn more about Scott and his journey to the top of the pickleball world!

    ZS: What is one thing you want people to know about you?

    SA: Caring for animals is one of the most life fulfilling and gratifying things for me.  It brings me such happiness as animals are not able to help themselves (or communicate how they may be helped).  

    ZS: How did you get into pickleball? Tell us about your journey from tennis to becoming a pickleball player.

    SA: I started playing tennis when I was very young (5 years old).  I picked up tennis very quickly, had quickly become a highly ranked junior, and also burned out in tennis at a fairly early age (mid teens).  Later on in life and when I was again actively playing tennis, I used racquets and strings from what was originally solely a tennis company.  At some point several years ago, I received communication from that company that they were no longer going to produce advanced player tennis racquets and instead were going to make a transition to focus on pickleball.  That was the first I heard about pickleball, and I had to check it out for myself. 

    ZS: Why do you think Pickleball is so popular? 

    SA: Pickleball is so versatile and can meet the needs of anyone.  Some play for social interaction, some prefer to play with those their own age, some like a lot of physical exertion, some do not like as much physical exertion, some like singles, some like doubles, and all like the ability to play while paying minimal costs to do so.  PIckleball checks all the categories to satisfy everyone.



    ZS: Tell us about your current ranking?

    SA: I started playing in Senior Pro a bit less than 2 years ago, and I decided to focus on singles to start for a variety of reasons (a big reason is time constraints of playing in additional brackets, as I juggle a fair amount in life).


    ZS: What are you looking forward to this year for your pickleball career (tournaments, games, travel)?

    SA: Getting closer to reaching my full potential, reconnecting with other Senior Pro friends and friends in general at tournaments, playing more matches, and pushing myself to get more physically fit than I have ever been.


    ZS: What is your favorite place you’ve ever played pickleball?

    SA: Utah…the mountains in the background are breathtaking.


    ZS: What other hobbies do you love (in addition to pickleball of course):

    SA: Doing garden work with my wife, spending time with our animals, doing farm work (I live on a small 3.5 acre farm), tasting wines and taking walks.


    ZS: What motivates you? (Do you have a personal mantra?) 

    SA: Belief in myself, encouragement from other Senior Pros, my wife’s ability to multi-task, choosing to never compromise my integrity in any aspect of life and always exhibiting good sportsmanship.


    ZS: What are your Zensah must-have products? Why?

    SA: Recycled Shakeout Socks (perfect compression and support for the court), Arm Sleeves (sun protection, perfect light compression and arms are kept cooler in hot temperatures) and Base Layer Compression Shorts (seamless, second skin feel and keeps my leg muscles stabilized).

    Image: Scott is wearing the White Arm Sleeves and Ultra Compression Men's Recovery Bike Shorts 

    In cold weather, Ultra Compression Men’s Recovery Leggings (warmth and muscle stabilization) and Bold Compression Long Sleeve Shirt (warmth and muscle support) are also must haves for me.

    ZS: Where can people find you? (social media & upcoming games/tournaments) 

    SA: On Instagram (@sealboum) and at several upcoming tournaments including APP Daytona Beach Open in February, US Open in April, APP Philadelphia Open in August, APP New Jersey Open in September and APP Atlanta Metro Open in October.


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