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    How Zensah Made me Feel Like a Young Man Again

    April 16, 2014 3 min read

    It is hard to admit that I am closer to 50 than I am to 40. I have always felt like I was especially young at heart.  And I still do. My life began on the sunny shores of southern California in the cradle of the surf/skateboard culture. I was always into sports, team sports, of course, but my preference was always the more personal forms of expression. Surfing, skiing, mountain biking and skateboarding.  And I was a sponsored amateur at the latter. Riding daily for many years, hopping in and out of empty swimming pools, jumping over things and being towed by speeding cars. These things seemed normal to me up until my 30s. Now I look back and I am so grateful I have health insurance! Priorities do change.

    Justin Forbes
    Justin Forbes

    And many years of riding skateboards and bikes "recklessly" has taken its' toll on my body. My lower legs to be specific. I still ride bicycles nearly every day. But I had a very big scare last year. I was suffering from a bad case of edema and then suddenly my leg became very swollen and hot. I went to the doctor and was hospitalized with vasculitis. It turns out years of bashing ones legs, combined with a pretty unhealthy diet is NOT good for circulation- especially as one ages. So the infection finally was terminated by a vigorous course of strong antibiotics and steroids. Specialists were consulted and they said I had to make some serious changes. Mainly, I had to wrap my legs and elevate them. I earn my living as a fine artist, spending hours standing at the easel, paintbrush in hand. So I was quite panicked, needless to say. I didn't even think I could ride my bicycle!! I went thru many ace bandages, feeling like a sick man, not anything like the young man I was just months before. Finally, my wife looked online and discovered athletes using these compression sleeves to aid in performance. We did some more research and saw where people who were struggling with swollen legs (edema) also wore tight stockings for help with this condition. I am a meticulous researcher and always compare products, specifications and, most importantly, read reviews. I was sold on the Zensah brand. They had excellent reviews, and their product was clearly the most well made and the people seemed very passionate about their product.  We ordered a pair. I was a NEW MAN!!!

    They not only managed my condition very well, they felt breezy in warm weather, and warm in cool weather…and they made me feel like a young man again!!! Like the thread of the 'athlete' I once was still existed in me. I looked sporty! And I never go a day without wearing them. If I could, I would wear them in the shower! Since then I have two pair, black and grey. I have changed my diet and lost weight. I am back to riding my bike (safely) but often.  And I can stand at the easel and paint. Though wearing my leg sleeves, I often find myself dancing a little bit while painting. Thank you, Zensah.  You really have changed my life. I was so inspired I wanted to reach out and tell them. So I called and said a big thank you.

    -Justin Forbes

    artist, skater

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