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Jackson's Story - The Zensah Difference

January 16, 2017 1 min read

By Kelly R.


There was a post this summer asking why you love Zensah. I didn't have time this summer to post, but I wanted to write you a note now. This picture is of my son, Jackson. He is your normal, average, stinky 12 year old boy. He also would not be able to walk properly or participate in sports if it weren't for Zensah compression sleeves.

 Jackson has a vascular anomaly in his right calf. You can see in both pictures he is wearing his Zensah compression sleeve. Jack has to wear a compression sleeve 24/7, 365 days a year. If he doesn't wear a sleeve, the blood pools in his calf, making it swell and cramp to the point that he is unable to walk. Because of his Zensah calf sleeves, he is currently playing select baseball and is running back on his middle school football team. (Yes, we are the unicorns!) We have tried many, many different brands of compression sleeves, but Zensah is by far our favorite!! Thank you Zensah-for having a compression sleeve that is strong enough to control cramping and pooling, but is soft and comfortable enough that Jackson can wear it everyday and every night! We love Zensah!!




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