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    Limitless Looks Like Lindsey Gass

    March 03, 2022 3 min read

    Limitless Looks Like Lindsey Gass

    Meet Lindsey Gass! Ambassador and runner extraordinaire. Lindsey is a goal crusher and health enthusiast. She aims to always get the most out of each day by being ambitious, healthy, and present. We sat down with her to discuss why she loves running, her health tips, and, of course, her favorite products from Zensah! Read on below to see more!

    ZS: What is one thing you want people to know about you? 

    LG: I believe health is something that can be improved on daily little by little over time and goes way beyond your physical and biological state. Health includes your mindset, your spirituality, and how you see yourself in the world. 


    Above: Lindsey is wearing the Black Seamless Running Sports Bra and the Black Seamless Bike Shorts (Coming Soon)

    ZS: How did you get into running? Why do you run? 

    LG: I was so embarrassed at how bad I was at it, that one day I was just determined to change that. I wanted to just get healthy and look better but it ended up taking me on a journey of development and discipline way beyond a physical outcome. I do it because it has become my "me" time and also how I connect to others and keep myself disciplined and motivated. It's a tool I use for so many different reasons. 


    ZS: You’re a dietitian - so a nutrition expert. What’s the best advice you give your clients? Do you have a nutrition hack or secret you can share? 

    LG: The number one recommendation that seems so simple it's almost always ignored: eat more whole fruits and whole veggies. They should be prepared in the least processed or complicated way, it compliments a balance diet of all food groups. It is nature's defense kit for so many illness and problems. 


    ZS: What is your Zensah must-have product? 

    LG: The Grit Crew Socks!  The Grit socks are perfect thickness and material for running that makes my shoes fit perfectly. Not too thick and not too thin.

    Above: Lindsey is wearing the Coral Racey Sports Bra and the Seamless Bike Shorts in Evergreen (Coming Soon) 

    ZS: What is one quote you live by? Or a personal mantra? (can apply to running or life!)

    LG: "Life is full of choices" (meaning every little, small action or choice can change an entire course for you)


    ZS: What is your favorite place you’ve ever ran? 

    LG: Miami, it's home and I just have never experienced a tropical setting like it. I love the landscape and weather 


    ZS: What other hobbies do you love (in addition to running of course): 

    LG: Writing, painting, home improvement (basic DIY stuff)

    ZS: Where can people find you? (on social media and at upcoming races!) 

    LG: @lin.health and probably any local run or major fitness event. Also... you can find me running Key Biscayne on the weekend with lots of runners!


    Above: Lindsey is wearing the White Seamless Running Sports Bra and the Seamless Bike Shorts in Evergreen (Coming Soon)

    ZS: Zensah’s motto is #withoutlimitz meaning we want you to feel limitless in everything you do. What does limitless look like for you? 

    LG: My limitless looks like never stopping after a goal is reached. Goals should be limitless, and there should always be a new benchmark to reach for to become a better version of yourself. Becoming better will happen regardless. The real prize is not necessarily whether you reach the goal or not... but who you become trying to achieve it. You'll learn to be humble through failure, kind from helping those who are trying to reach goals you already have, discipline by sacrificing certain things to reach a goal, and self-awareness by learning your physical, emotional, and mental needs. 

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