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    Miracle – A Risk Worth Taking {A Story About Sports Bras}

    December 18, 2015 2 min read

    A couple weeks ago we got an email from a women who had just run the New York City Marathon. The title of her email ready “Miracle – a risk worth taking!” and caught our attention from the start.

    In the email, the woman goes on to explain how she runs a marathon every year but has immense problems with chaffing and improperly fitted clothes. No matter the claims, every sports bra she has tried causes excessive chaffing in the chest and neck area. And its not just redness, the chaffing is actual pain and unbearable burning.

    The day before the NYC Marathon she decided to take a risk and do the one thing you should never do on race day…try something new! She purchased our Seamless Sports Bra, which in her words ended up being worth the risk.

    “The bra was beyond comfortable before, during and after the race. However that was not the miracle of the bra.  When I went to take my post race shower I was shocked to find that I did not have ANY chaffing. Nope, nada, nothing!

    Not only did I not have chaffing but I did not have a single area that was irritated. This is beyond amazing, especially for someone like me that gets chaffing from a 5 mile run.  I have no idea how you designed this bra but it is the only one for me. Thank you, thank you for making this product!”

    We are always honored and excited to receive notes like these. They help us continue our mission to help athletes achieve their goals without limits!

    All of our sports bras are made in the USA and feature moisture wicking fabric and anti-odor properties with silver ions in the yarn. Here is some information about our sports bras to help you consider them for your next marathon!

    Seamless Sports Bra {aka The Marathon Bra}
    Our most popular sports bra to date is seamless, supportive, and available in over 10 colors. The high neckline and racer back make it supportive and comfortable.  This bra has been on many favorite bra lists put together by Runners World and Competitor Magazine.

    Zensah Sports Bra

    Gazelle Sports Bra
    Made with a higher denier Zupport Yarn™, the Gazelle Sports Bra offers mid to high impact support for runners. This bra is 250% more supportive then our other seamless styles with the classic Zensah comfort you love.

    Gazelle Sports Bra

    Super Band Bra
    Featuring a Super Band™ for flattering support, this new style is ideal for A to B cups. For this style we incorporated a special yarn that creates a really cool tonal affect. The Super Band Bra looks like it uses multiple colors when in reality it is using only one color with the unique tonal effect.

    Super Band Sports bra

    Racey Sports Bra
    The V-neck and keyhole mesh in the racer back have quickly made this a running favorite. Featured as a Bosom Buddy Winner by Competitor Magazine, the Racey Sports Bra is a classic seamless favorite.

    Racey Sports Bra

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