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    NYC Marathon Edition: Limitless Looks Like Becky Younger

    October 31, 2022 3 min read

    NYC Marathon Edition: Limitless Looks Like Becky Younger

    We are days away from the world's largest marathon, where nearly 2 million people gather through the course to honor runners through the five boroughs of NYC. Of course, you already know we love celebrating marathons...and our runners! That's why, along with a  NYC City Guide for Runners,  we had to talk to Zensah Ambassador, Becky Younger, who's ready to run her 11th Marathon, and NYC Marathon for the first time. 

    Read on to know her journey to this major marathon, discover there's no limits to being limitless, and maybe you'll get inspired by Becky to run your first NYC Marathon in 2023. 


    ZS: How did you get into running? Why do you run? 

    BY: I remember being one of the faster girls in the presidential fitness test in elementary school. My parents wanted us to get involved in sports, so I did track in the Spring since soccer was in the fall. In high school I switched to running all three seasons. My high school coach was the one who told me about the 10k in college, and that she thought I'd be good at it. My teammates in college made me fall in love with running and really become a student of the sport. But, marathoning has become a true passion. I love challenging myself and traveling to new places for races. 

    ZS: Why are you running in the NYC Marathon this year? 

    BY: This will be my first NYCM, 10th marathon overallI was registered for the 2020 edition. That year being cancelled was a blessing because I was struggling with a severe injury at the time, and would have never made it to the start. I wanted to run NYC when it was back to being the true NYC. I thought going back this year would be the best year to defer to.

    ZS: How are you training for the upcoming race? 

    BY: It's been an abbreviated build up after coming off Grandma's Marathon in June. I've also been nursing a knee injury so this cycle has been less than ideal.

    ZS: What advice do you have for fellow runners or those working towards marathon goals?

    BY: If this is your first, don't set any time expectations on yourself. Find a race that has a fun atmosphere or allows you a mini vacation afterwards. You want to finish and have such a great experience that you'll want to do another one. Also... patience! 

    ZS: What are your Zensah must-have products? Why?

    BY: The mini crew and no show socks in the limited edition designs.  I've never had a blister problem or soggy feet when wearing them. My favorite designs include the Fireworks and  Sharks

    ZS: What is one quote you live by? Or a personal mantra? (can apply to running or life!) 

    BY: In high school my coach gave us a brief magazine blurb that was summed up by believing you are 'strong, tough, gutsy, and fearless'. That's been my go to ever since.

    ZS: What is your favorite place you’ve ever run? 

    BY: My junior year of college we traveled to Seattle. The day after our race we joined the Western Washington University team for a long run on a trail in a nearby neighborhood. What I remember is how green the foliage was and in the middle of the run how the entire right side of the trail opened up and we were overlooking the sound. It was breath taking. 

    ZS: What other hobbies do you love (in addition to running of course): 

    BY: I'm a big NY Mets fan and I love baseball. I love music and try to see my favorite bands whenever they play nearby. I'm a big dog lover so spending time with our family dog. I used to volunteer at an animal shelter when I lived in New Orleans to play with all the dogs. I've grown up at the beach as well so I love spending a lot of time there.

    ZS: Where can people find you? (on social media and at upcoming races in addition to NYC!) 

    BY: I'm @byoungernj  across most platforms. 

    ZS: Zensah’s motto is #withoutlimitz meaning we want you to feel limitless in everything you do. We’re launching a campaign called “Limitless Looks Like This'' because limitlessness can look different for every person. Limitless might look like finding balance, reaching goals, acing the race you have coming up, or manifesting your future. What does limitless look like for you? 

    BY: My limitlessness looks like dedication. The early mornings. Being bent over in fatigue after a hard workout. The sacrifices made to be the best you. If I put my mind to something, I'm going after is with my who body and soul. I may cry and complain but at the end of the day, it gets done. 

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