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    Why Should You Run with Gloves During Winter?

    October 31, 2022 2 min read

    Why Should You Run with Gloves During Winter?

    Picture this: It is Saturday morning, time for that long run, although it is cold (more like freezing) outside, you are geared up with the best running clothes for winter, and is ready for that long run. However, as you're ready to head out the door, your roommate stops you and say, "hey, where are your gloves?"

    Although you read all the tips on how to prevent injuries when running on cold weather , you did not think a glove would be so important. Today, we are here to help you understand that protecting (your hands) is caring. So, if you run without a glove, does it mean your hand will only stay cold during the workout? Actually, running without a glove can be dangerous because it is beyond being cold, it is limiting the oxygen in your hands. This is why your hands start getting white, and in the worst cases…blue! But, don’t worry, we got you covered! Read on to understand why you should get our glove asap, and check these cool options for your winter runs!

    The Science Behind It

    There’s no big secret to why you should get your running gloves and mittens, but we’ll explain the science behind the importance of keeping your hands warm. When you’re outside running in the cold weather, your body is focused on keeping your  core and internal organs warm.  This means, less blood is pumped to your extremities (aka your feet and hands). You have probably noticed that when your hands are cold, they turn white, that’s exactly due to the decrease in blood flow. Especially as you run, your hands are constantly apart from your core, and as you swing your arms while running, you’re being exposed to the wind.  

    The Perfect Gloves

    There's no such thing as a perfect... of course there is a perfect glove! It is important to wear a good quality glove during your runs. Therefore, at the same time you want to keep your hands warm, you also want a material that  won’t overheat  it and over sweat it…right?! So, wearing a Running Glove, designed to keep the moist out and heat in is definitely your go-to.

    With that in mind, we designed the perfect gloves for runners. Besides being lightweight and comfortable, the Smart Running Gloves are water resistant, windproof, and called “smart” for a reason…they are touch sensitive, so you can use your smartphone while using it. As you deserve the best, we set aside our favorites to help you keep up with your training during cold weather. Before you ask, of course they are breathable, lightweight, moisture-wicking, and made for performance! Check it out: 


    Black is cool, of course, but as we have our Limited Edition Designs…our gloves could not miss-out on that! Best part? You can match your gloves to your  socks and leg sleeves


    Mittens have more insulation than gloves because it keeps all fingers together; however, we understand that for running, having some freedom for your fingers is more comfortable. So, here’s your new favorite solution: Gloves that convert into mittens! 


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