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    How to Recover After a Big Race?

    October 03, 2022 3 min read

    How to Recover After a Big Race?

    In the blink of an eye fall is here! And, as we say “hello” to fall, we also say “hello” to one of the most exciting seasons for distance runners -  Marathon Season Berlin, London, Chicago, NYC, and Philadelphia. Besides getting excited about our new Limited Edition Marathon Cities Designs,  AND doing your very best with whatever race you're participating in. 

    However, as you surf through the post-race  endorphins it is important to not forget about recovery. What should you do to maximize your recovery after a race? How can you care for your body after your race, as you’ve spent so much time training beforehand. We’ve got the answers. A race recovery guide, let’s call it! Read on to learn the  best post-race recovery tips straight from Team Zensah, for you! 

    The Science Behind Recovery

    If you are a runner, and if you are part of the Zensah family, of course you already  know the importance of recovery  for runners, athletes, and everyone who loves moving. In case you need a refresher, here’s a quick overview to understand why recovery is essential after a long race. When you perform any intense activity, tiny tissue damages are happening to your muscles. Those tiny tissue damages are not a problem…if you ensure to recover. Otherwise, the tiny may add up to an injury. As we do not want injuries holding you back, and strive for maximizing performance to achieve your limitless potential, we prepared a recovery checklist for your post-race recovery. Check it out! 

    Post-Race Recovery Checklist: 

    As you think about recovery, keep in mind the  ‘4 Rs’ : Rehydrate, Refuel, Rest, and Repair! 

    Immediately After:

    Don't stop right after crossing that finish line…walk it out! Why? Not only because it helps your  blood flow  through the legs, but also because it helps your blood pressure and heart rate gradiently return back to normal. 

    ReHydrate & ReFuel: Hydration and fueling may seem simple, but do you know how to really make up for what your body let go during the race? For example, when you sweat, you  lose electrolytes like sodium and potassium Refueling with good and nutritious foods that contain vitamins and minerals are extremely essential! To speed up muscle repair, it is important to maintain an  alkaline environment in the body  because it helps to reduce inflammation. Be sure to avoid junk and sugary foods because it promotes inflammation. Here are  some options for your post-race  snack/meal: 

    • Bananas
    • Large salad 
    • Avocado
    • Chicken
    • Water…Water…and Water! 


    Following Hours After: 

    Rest: compression and recovery gear may be your ally when going for the third R: rest! See some options below: 

    Calming Sleep Sock:  Muscle repair occurs when you are sleeping and getting a good and restful night is essential to recover after that big race. Enters…Calming Sleep Sock,  the sock that makes the case on why you should sleep with socks on. Not only because they are super soft and comfy, but also because they're made of Merino Wool, which helps you calm down, sleep faster, and rest better! 

    Ultra Compression Leggings:  try this muscle-mapped legging will help your leg’s blood flow, reduce swelling, and promote faster muscle tissue recovery. 


    Recovery Shoes:  your feet and lower body went through a lot of stress through several hours, it's time to make sure they're supported and provided with the right support.  Understand why runners should wear a recovery shoe here


    The Day After

    Repair: According to  Tom Holland,  exercise psychologist, sports nutritionist, coach, and author of The Marathon Method, cross training is great to enhance blood flow, activate and repair the muscles.  According to Healthline,  benefits of active recovery also include: reducing lactic acid (aka for causing inflammation), eliminating toxins, and helping maintain your exercise routine. 

    Moreover, apparels can also be combined with cross training to boost recovery. Enter…Heat Recovery Socks:  for a long period of time, there was a common belief that icing was the best way to repair muscles and reduce swelling; however, did you know it is quite the opposite? Understand more on how heat repairs muscles and  it is beneficial for recovery  here

    We hope these tips and checklist will help you to maximize your recovery after the upcoming races. Check out these awesome Marathon Cities Designs for extra motivation, and GOOD LUCK!

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