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    Running with Compression Socks

    February 16, 2013 2 min read

    Why wear running compression socks?

    Compression Socks for Running
    Compression Socks for Running

    For a stylish change of pace, and to cut down on any soreness or swelling, try out a pair of running compression socks! Running in compression socks helps to increase endurance and decreasing recovery time post workout. Loved by marathoners everywhere, running compression socks for running can help improve race times, extend distances, and help you reach that new PR you’ve been striving for.

    Running compression socks hug the muscles in the legs, causing an increase in circulation. This increase in blood flow benefits the legs by reducing build-ups of lactic acid, which causes soreness during and after exercise. By preventing lactic acid from building up, compression socks eliminate any pain or soreness that a runner might feel during or post-exercise. When using running compression socks, runners no longer have to worry about cramping, swelling, or shin splints hindering performance.

    Running compression socks are also great post-exercise for recovery purposes. When compression socks are worn immediately after a long run or workout, they work to reduce recovery time and eliminate soreness so that runners can feel fresh and get back on their feet much quicker. Frequent runners love that they can reduce recovery time between runs and that their legs feel energized the whole way. Zensah offers the best compression socks to help runners push harder, last longer, and recover faster.

    Zensah’s Running Compression Socks offer runners the benefits of graduated compression, meaning that both the front and back of the calf are given the ideal amount of support for maximum comfort. The socks offer arch support that gives even the highest arches a glove-like fit throughout all physical activity. Silver ions keep sweat at bay and thermally regulate the fabric so that legs never feel too hot or cold, even on the most arduous runs or hottest days.

    Zensah’s Running Compression Socks are available in many fun colors in both solid and argyle patterns. Bright color options enable runners to stay safe in dark or dreary conditions. Try Zensah Running Compression Socks today and see how far your run can take you!

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