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    She’s The Reason…I Am The Woman I Am Today

    May 04, 2015 2 min read

    At Zensah, we believe Mother’s Day should be every day. But it is nice to have an extra special day to celebrate it once a year! So to celebrate, we are sharing how our moms have inspired us starting a week before Mother’s Day.

    For many of us our moms are the reason we started running and playing soccer, learnt to be polite, cook a delicious meal, and especially how to be great leaders. We asked members of Team Zensah how their moms have inspired them and will be sharing all week. Below is a reply from Ultra Runner and Adventurer Heidi Nicole Kumm (runaroundroo).


    My mom is the reason I am the woman I am today. That sounds cliché but it’s true. She is a strong, thoughtful, stubborn and confident. Unfortunately she doesn’t always see those traits in herself but I do and knowing that she has managed to find herself and stay true to herself gives me confidence in my ability to do the same.

    Heidi Nicole Kumm with her Mom
    Heidi Nicole Kumm with her Mom

    My mom is the reason I have the confidence to be unapologetically me. She let me be me from the get go, even when I hated her ribbons and lace as a child. She is okay with who I am and, in turn, I became okay with who I am. My mom is the reason I moved to Colorado without a job or family/friends in the area…and that was only the beginning of me finding me and loving me. I know it freaks her out and gives her at least a few gray hairs but, whether she likes it or not, she gets credit for making me into the woman I am today! Thank you mom, I like me! I might be a little crazy and I might not be all that conventional but I am me, unapologetically me…because being me is fun!

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