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Tips to Remember While Training

March 15, 2021 2 min read

Tips to Remember While Training

As you train and prepare for your next race, here are some helpful tips from avid runner and marathoner Kim Clarke.

Relax Into the Pain to Go Faster

Towards the end of races, every part of my body (from my face, to shoulders, to arms) would tense up. I would pump back and forth trying to muster up some speed. Now I understand that relaxing everything, and upping cadence gets me better results. I let the speed come out of my legs, and don't brace myself for a car crash. 

Efficient Form Matters

I'm consistently working on my form. By doing this, I'm more efficient and able to hold pace just a little more.

It's OK to Adjust

Recovery is #1! I'm not a slave to any schedule. I just go by how my body feels. If you're not recovering, you're not improving. Simple. 

There's Always More to Tap Into

Understanding that your body holds back to protect itself allows you to push on it just a bit more. I'm learning not to take the first sign of discomfort as a signal to back off the pace. I try to get comfortable there, and lean into it. 

Don't Let the Numbers on Your Watch Scare You Off a Pace

I ran my fastest miles in workouts when I stopped stressing about what the numbers were and just tried to hang onto my speedy friends. Sometimes our minds and the numbers create fake barriers that limit us. Don't let them!

Encourage Yourself

Every bad patch can be talked through! I've learned to never accept a "slow down." Your body may go through rough patches, but you can talk yourself through them and keep things positive to turn the ship around. 

Don't Let the Tough Results Discourage You

I work daily to not let myself get discouraged and to keep believing that things will come together. 

What are your training tips? Share them in the comments below!


Credits: Kimberly Clarke IG: @trackclubbabe

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