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What are Compression Socks Good For?

May 20, 2019 1 min read

What are Compression Socks Good For?

Compression socks have an array applications and benefits. Zensah makes compression socks for men and women. Many doctors, and nurses wear compression socks. Zensah originally focused on creating compression socks for running. Today our customers use compression socks for flying, work and other activities.

Travel and Leisure magazine recently featured Zensah as one of the top compression socks for travel. Travel and Leisure called out Zensah socks for durability and being made in Italy. As fluids can pool in the lower extremities compression socks help with long flights to promote blood flow.

 Compression Sockswork by increasing pressure in the lower leg area which helps pump blood back to the heart. Other benefits include providing muscle support and warmth to your muscles.

 Compression socks for running can be used during activity as well as after for recovery. Since compression socks provide graduated compression they can also help with shin splints.

 The best compression socks are ones that are best for your activity. Many people wear compression socks to help with swelling or swelling feet or for everyday use since the best compression socks make your legs feel fresh.  Runners World has called these compression socks.  

Good compression socks should provide graduated compression from the ankle area up to the calf. The best compression socks use the best yarns that provide good support.

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