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    What To Bring To the Ragnar Relay

    October 10, 2012 2 min read

    For those who haven’t heard of the Ragnar Relay, it is an overnight relay made up of 6-12 people. Although it may seem intense, it is a fun and team building relay that caters to all runners, from beginners to experts. Ragnar Relays are all over the US, so it may be closer to you thank you think! However, since most of us haven’t done overnight relays before, the packing list is going to be a little different. Read below to see what items Zensah recommends you bring for your first Ragnar Relay.



    Some things are essential to race in a ragnar relay. First, you must bring a headlamp to wear while you are running at night. This is necessary so you don’t get injured while it is dark out. Also, to make yourself more visible to the other runners and others on the road, a reflective vest is necessary.


    Bringing the right clothing to the Ragnar Relay can make the difference between running uncomfortably and running your best race yet! Some things are standard – bring t-shirts and shorts that you feel comfortable running in. Also, you should bring two pairs of running shoes. Why two? Just in case one of your pairs get wet – it won’t be fun to put those back on for the next round that youre running in! You should also bring clothing to deal with cooler weather. Depending on where and when you’re running, it can get quite cold at night. So, bring a long sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt so you can brave whatever weather conditions you might see. We here at Zensah also recommend a pair of our compression leg sleeves! Our compression leg sleeves will help you recover quicker for your next leg. Also, they come in many colors, so you can stand out in the crowd of runners. Perhaps neon compression leg sleeves would be beneficial, not only for your body but so you will stand out during the nighttime!


    Although the Ragnar relay will not be one your cleaner moments, you must still bring hygienic products so you stay comfortable (and clean smelling!) during your relay. The first thing you must bring is deodorant. Also, bring toothpaste and a toothbrush. One essential to bring which many runners forget is sunscreen. During the day, it can get very sunny and, while you are running, you may not realize you’re getting burnt. Put on some sunscreen before your run to ensure you feel comfortable for the upcoming events.

    We hope you gained some insight about to bring to your first Ragnar Relay! Do you have any recommendations about what to bring? Let us know in the comments below!

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