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    Run After Dark – November is National Running Safety Month

    October 24, 2012 2 min read

    neon pinkneon yellow arm sleeves

    As Fall comes into full swing, runners look forward to crisp, cool weather and the faster race times that accompany it. Autumn is a great time to reach a new personal best, and runners across the nation collectively feel a giant sense of relief to not be drenched in sweat every time they step outside for training runs.

    But as the leaves change and the weather gets chilly, running also becomes more dangerous. We’re faced with later sunrise and earlier nightfall, meaning most people will soon be running through darkness. Now more than ever, it is important to stay visible while running. Darker skies make it more difficult for runners to be seen by other runners, cyclists, or cars, and certain precautions are necessary to stay safe and avoid accidents. That’s why November is National Running Safety Month, which focuses on educating and spreading awareness of safe running techniques.

    What better way to stay safe and visible (and recover faster) than by wearing Zensah’s high-visibility line of  neon compression arm sleeves and neon compression leg sleeves? With these fun, bright colors, runners can enjoy both faster recovery and increased visibility to those around them. For those early morning and late night runs spent in the dark, Zensah has the gear to run safely.

    In order to have the safest run possible, stay visible! Run in well-lit areas and wear high-visibility compression clothing. Be sure to run against traffic and obey all traffic laws. Keep your ID on you in case of an emergency, and remember that the most important aspect to running safely is alertness. So pay attention to your surroundings, enjoy yourself, and have a great National Running Safety Month!

    Be sure to pick up your neon compression leg sleeves or neon compression arm sleeves today!

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