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    Zensah Athlete - Jeff Farmer

    September 28, 2015 2 min read

    Name: Jeff Farmer

    Hometown: Blythewood, SC

    Sport: Obstacle Course Racing

    Years in current sport: 5 years

    What got you started: In 2010, a friend saw an appealing ad from an upstart company called Tough Mudder.  They use a slogan that played perfectly to our insanity: “The toughest event on the planet.”  My friend had completed 4 Iron Man competitions in addition to doing the Alcatraz swim.  He knew all about my military background and asked if I would do it with him.  I became hooked immediately.

    Zensah Athlete - Jeff FarmerZensah Athlete - Jeff Farmer

    Biggest accomplishment of your career: I’d say competing amongst 14 countries and finishing 13th at the 2014 OCR World Championships.

    What parts of your training are key to your success?  Bodyweight exercises are the bulk of my strength training.  In OCR, one must master their bodyweight to be competitive.  Also, I vary running distances with HIIT along the running route.

    What is the biggest challenge you face in your sport, and what do you do to overcome it? Many races have hilly or mountainous terrain.  It’s pretty flat in South Carolina, so I often do a long ride on a stationary bike with heavy resistance prior to running.  I’ll also run stadium stairs.

    What is your favorite Zensah product and why? Calf sleeves!!!  I had suffered issues with pulls and cramping in my calves for many years.  The issue was first treated in 2000 and the Army had custom orthotics made for me.  I discovered Zensah Calf Sleeves and gave them a try a few years ago.  The sleeves have remedied my issues for the most part, and I haven’t had to miss any races since I first started using them.  I also prefer the Zensah quality and fabric over other brands.

     How long have you been using Zensah? 3 years

    If you could be great at any other sport besides your current one, what would it be? Baseball.  It was my first true love and I still enjoy watching America’s pastime.  It’s a great sport.

    What’s your favorite thing to eat after a tough workout? I work out early in the morning, so I like scrambled eggs, sautéed spinach & mushrooms, and a freshly squeezed green juice.

    Who/what inspires you? Adaptive athletes; they make no excuses, have tremendous heart, and prove that anything is possible with the right attitude.

    How does Zensah help you perform without limits? By providing the compression support my legs need during and post-race.  I know Zensah calf sleeves work for me, so I’m confident that I can focus on the race instead of worrying if/when my legs will act up.

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