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    Zensah Launches the Cloud Mid-Cushioned Running Sock

    July 30, 2019 1 min read

    Zensah Launches the Cloud Mid-Cushioned Running Sock

    Staying dry and blister-free for miles ahead.

    Miami, FL – (July 30, 2019) - Zensah®, the leader in high-performance sports apparel, announces their newest addition to their athletic sock line, the Cloud Cushion Running Sock.

    The Cloud Cushion socks are the perfect mid-cushioned no-show running socks that will make each step feel like you’re walking on clouds. With a medium cushion feel, moisture-wicking technology and shock absorption, these socks will deliver all-day comfort, while helping any athlete or runner achieve top running performance. It has the prefect amount of cushion without being too bulky or thick.

    Zensah’s moisture-wicking technology helps absorb any sweat and keeps all feet feeling dry and non-sticky, so you (or your feet) don’t have to sweat it. The premium Zensah® Fabric makes the Cloud Cushion sock breathable, even during long hot summer runs, keeping all feet blister-free and dry. Zensah perfectly designed these socks to deliver comfortable, breathable and odor-free workouts to all.

    The medium cushion feel helps absorb impact, helping reduce pain and injuries during runs. Its anatomical design of these socks helps all athletes obtain the perfect fit that adapts to your left and right foot, reducing the chances of blisters. Also, no running sock can be truly comfortable than with a seamless toe. Having no seams means no irritation, ensuring maximum comfort during runs.

    The Zensah Cloud Cushion Socks features:

    • Moisture Wicking technology
    • Impact Absorption
    • Targeted Arch Support
    • Anatomical Design = Blister-Free
    • Seamless Toe
    • Anti-Odor Technology

    This new collection is available in three different colors: black-blue, raspberry and blue/yellow. The Cloud Cushion Running Socks can be purchased HERE or at local run specialty stores.

    Zensah mid-cushion Cloud running socks

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