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    How Compression Socks completely changed the way I travel

    August 06, 2019 3 min read

    Zensah How Compression Socks completely changed the way I travel picture

    We’ve all experienced long walks and waits while traveling. Over the years, airline travel has turned into standing and waiting in long TSA security lines, walking through big terminals and past several gates, and sitting for long hours at the gate and on the flight. It’s enough to drain any traveler’s energy and it’s impossible not to get aching, sore feet.

    If you are a frequent traveler like me, you will have felt the toll on your feet. During my most recent trip, I spent 20 hours on a plane from Miami to Sydney, in addition to waiting for a couple of hours for my connecting flight at LAX. Because this was one of the longest flights I’ve ever done, my legs swelled up and started hurting as I got to my destination. It turns out I developed Deep Vein Thrombosis -- a condition where a blood clot forms in one or more veins deep within the lower legs and thighs. On top of the exhaustion and jet lag, I now had to worry about my aching legs!

    When I finally got to my friend’s place in Sidney, she mentioned using compression socks to ease the pressure on her feet during her long, 12-hour shifts as a pediatric nurse. She said the stockings dramatically reduced her leg pain and improved her blood circulation. 

    Based on her recommendation, I started researching the benefits of using compression stockings.

    If you’re not familiar with compression hosiery, these are stretchy stockings uniquely made to squeeze your lower legs to help increase circulation and blood pressure. They are usually tighter around the ankle and a bit looser on your calves, to keep moving blood back up the leg. Originally, compression socks were designed to provide treatment for patients suffering from Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and spider and varicose veins. Today, they have multiple functions for anyone that wants to improve their blood circulation, including people who stand all day at work, pregnant women, athletes, and people who are immobile for extended periods, whether sitting at their desks all day or lying in a hospital bed. I learned that hairdressers, nurses, waiters, long distance runners, bikers, hikers, and customer service phone operators all share the same need to keep circulation flowing throughout the day.

    So after a lot of research, I eagerly decided to try on a pair of Tech Compression Socks to see if they made any difference in my swelling and soreness from traveling. 

    At first glance, these socks don't look or feel like ordinary socks. They are clearly made of high quality materials and fibers. In my excitement to try them on, I noticed they felt very tight for the first few moments. This was just a momentary feeling that went away as I walked around for a few minutes. My legs felt supported and I could barely feel my feet, as if I were walking on a fluffy cloud. I recommend experiencing this nice feeling, as it’s hard to describe through words alone.

    For my return from Sidney, I had an even longer flight because I connected through Seattle to get home to Miami. After spending all those hours seated, my legs still felt completely relaxed. I’m sure other passengers were a bit jealous as I breezed off the plane and through the airport, as if on a magic carpet. I just didn’t feel any soreness at all. I have to admit these stockings are perfect for long flights, since they completely eliminated the common "swollen foot" situation. Best of all, they kept my feet warm on the cold flight.

    The next time you travel, consider taking care of your legs by protecting them from immobility, airplane pressurization, and the long walking distances. Using compression stockings made me realize the importance of taking care of my body while traveling, something I had previously neglected. I am now more aware of my travel routine and make healthier decisions overall. Feeling light on my feet while traveling also means drinking more water, reducing sodium intake, not drinking alcohol, and regularly walking down the airplane aisle to stretch my legs. I hope these tips will add a spring to your step too!

    Zensah Guest Author: Arianna Lupi

    Four reasons why to wear compression socks when traveling


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