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    Zensah's Advanced Compression Ankle Support Ideal for Minimalist Running

    March 12, 2013 2 min read

    The Zensah Compression Ankle Support’s thin design provides runners with the optimal amount of support, while fitting perfectly with today’s most popular minimalist running shoes.

    Zensah Compression Ankle Support
    Zensah Compression Ankle Support


     Zensah, the leading compression brand in running specialty, has developed an compression ankle sleeve ideal for minimalist running. The Zensah®Ankle Support provides pin-point compression to give athletes support in the ankle and heel. Zensah’s Ankle Support offers runners a lightweight and thin design, while providing the necessary support, circulation and injury prevention.

    With so many athletes adopting minimalist running, Zensah developed an compression ankle support to help ease training and recovery. In essence, minimalist running is about using less shoe, strengthening the foot and improving the stride. The Zensah Ankle Support’s thin design fits perfectly with barefoot shoes. Its seamless fabric prevents irritation and discomfort.  The lightweight design allows minimalist runners to focus on the sport they love without feeling constrained, and Zensah provides the only brand of ankle sleeve with a variety of colors to choose from.

    One common side effect of running is sore ankles, caused by the impact on legs and joints. Long distance runs can also lead to plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the tissue in the bottom of the feet that causes much pain in the heel and many times forces runners to stop training and racing.

    When asked about Zensah® Ankle Support, Ironman Triathlete Ryan Frederickson says "I contacted Zensah for help when my Achilles Tendonitis flared up four weeks before Ironman Kona. I wore the Ankle Support and Compression Socks to allow me to speed up recovery and continue training. With Zensah's help I was able to push through my last training block and most importantly finish the race in Kona."

    Zensah’s Ankle Support helps prevent and aid in recovery from plantar fasciitis, in addition to ankle soreness.  It effectively reduces ankle swelling, and also reduces morning heel pain if worn during sleep. Zensah’s Ankle Support features advanced pin-point compression to provide pressure on the ankle, while still allowing a full range of movement. It provides relief and expedited recovery for everything from mild pain to chronic swelling, bruises, and ankle sprains.

    Parker Robinson, Zensah’s spokesperson says, “By working with industry experts and leading athletes, we were able to design an ankle support to fit perfectly with minimalist running shoes. The feedback we have received from retailers thus far has exceeded all expectations. It is the perfect add-on accessory to today’s most popular minimalist shoes.”

    Minimalist runners are able to prevent injury and muscle strain using Zensah’s ankle support. Zensah’s ankle support is available at specialty running stores through the United States and may also be found at: http://www.zensah.com/ankle-support.html

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