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    Baseball Arm Sleeves


    Support and Stability

    Compression arm sleeves are used by athletes to help prevent injury while also improving their game. These sleeves work by compressing the muscles of the arm to provide support and stability, while also improving blood circulation to the muscles. In baseball, these sleeves are most often used by pitchers and catchers. As technology has improved over the years, these sleeves have become more popular and are now considered an essential piece of gear for many players.

    Improve Circulation

    Arm sleeves for baseball have been shown to improve circulation both during the game and during recovery. By boosting circulation, the arm muscles will receive more oxygen during exertion, leading to reduced lactic acid buildup and improved performance. The increased muscle support that these sleeves offer helps prevent injury while continually working to improve motion.

    Speed up Recovery

    These baseball sleeves are also helpful during the recovery process. Baseball players often experience swelling of the arm due to the repeated throwing and hitting motions of the game. This muscle inflammation can be both a nuisance and a hindrance to achieving maximum potential on the field. Improved circulation can assist with this as well. More blood flow helps clear out the lactic acid, and bring white blood cells to damaged tissue to being the cleaning and repair process. In this way, compression arm sleeves can have anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce arm soreness to get you back on the field faster.

    Protection from the Elements

    These baseball arm sleeves also offer protection while on the diamond. The durable material can protect the arm from "turf burn" associated with diving for balls and sliding into base.

    Zensah sleeves are also made with UPF50+ fabric, offering protection from the sun's harmful UV rays during those long daytime double headers.

    One of the sleeve's greatest benefits is its ability to moderate and maintain temperature. On cold days, it is imperative that the pitching and/or catching arm remain warm so that it does not become cold and stiffen up. Cold and tight muscles can negatively affect performance and also lead to pulled muscles and other injuries. And thanks to their moisture-wicking properties, these arm sleeves kickstart the evaporative cooling process to help keep you comfortable during even the hottest days.

    Focus on Fit

    When purchasing compression arm sleeves, it is critical to look a sleeve with a good fit. A properly sized sleeve will guarantee a fit that will never interfere with the athlete's natural movement. Most baseball sleeves are sized according to bicep measurements. It is also important to find a sleeve engineered with breathable and moisture-wicking materials so that the arm stays cool, dry, and comfortable for the duration of the activity.

    Most arm sleeves offer additional elbow support to help reduce elbow fatigue. Before purchasing an arm sleeve, it is recommended that you check with your governing league for their rules and regulations regarding this piece of equipment.

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