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    Four Ways Cyclists Benefit From Wearing Compression Arm Sleeves




    Cyclists spend hours with their arms exposed to the elements. Simply wearing a long-sleeved shirt won't add any intrinsic benefit. However, wearing a cycling arm sleeve adds a layer of protection against the environment.

    In addition, it's like wearing a sunscreen that helps circulation and improves physical endurance. In addition, you won't have to stop and reapply a coat halfway through your ride. Sleeves also offer protection against wind, pests, or road debris that can cause nicks and cuts on your arms.

    Body Temperature Maintenance

    When riding in cooler climates, cycling arm sleeves help to keep your arms warm. In races or during intense training, they also help to keep your body temperature at an optimal level for competition. Compression sleeves act as arm warmers, but they also act as temperature moderators.

    While they help maintain warmth during cool rides, they also act as a cooling mechanism for extreme heat. Wearing arm sleeves during cycling has a twofold benefit associated with body temperature. They help to keep your body from overheating or being too cold.

    Reduce Muscle Aches & Tightness

    During long rides, a cyclist's muscles can become tight. Compression arm sleeves will help to keep your muscles loose. Tight muscles can begin to ache and this not only inhibits performance, but it can break concentration. Avid cyclists appreciate the arm power used to climb hills.

    Wearing sleeves during races and training will reduce the intensity of the aches and pains associated with muscle tightness. As you crest a long hill, your arms won't be as sore and tight, allowing you more power for the next challenge. When your ride is finished, your muscles will feel better and this enhances recovery time and healing.


    Improves Circulation

    One of the reasons a compression sleeve helps improve body temperature and reduce tightness is because it improves blood circulation. Poor circulation during athletic performances is a root cause of swelling and inflammation.

    It's this inflammation that creates tight, achy muscles, plus increases the risk of injury. Wearing a cycling arm sleeve has a number of benefits, but this is the most important. Many of the other benefits are derived from improved blood flow.

    The improvements in blood circulation also have an additional benefit. Wearing a compression sleeve helps your muscles to recover quicker. This can be from the strain of climbing a steep hill, or post race recovery so you successfully start training again after a strenuous ride.

    Compression sleeves act as arm warmers on cool days, while providing a cooling sensation during intense heat. They dramatically improve blood circulation, which helps maintain body temperature and reduce muscle tension. Each of these benefits will collectively enhance endurance. The bottom line is, compression arm sleeves should be part of your cycling gear.

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