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    Why Wear Leg Compression Sleeves?

    To the casual observer, compression leg sleeves may seem to be the latest fitness fad. You may be pleased to learn that although compression leg sleeves may look trendy, the resulting benefits are backed by science. Athletes who make compression part of their exercise plan are well aware of the leg sleeves benefits.

    The Science Behind Compression

    To understand how and why compression benefits athletic performance and recovery, you need to remember a bit about your circulatory system. Your blood is pumped through your arteries to your muscles. Your cells take the nutrients and oxygen from your blood; the depleted blood enters your veins for transport back to your heart, over and over again. Compression leg sleeves add gentle, graduated pressure to your calves to help fight the effects of gravity. 

    How A Leg Compression Sleeve Benefits Athletic Performance

    The more oxygenated blood that your heart can supply to your muscles, the better your muscles can function. When your wear compression, studies show that the walls of your arteries dilate, which increases the amount of blood flowing to your muscles.. When you increase your blood flow, your muscles are getting more of the oxygen and nutrients they need to power through your workout. 

    Wearing leg compression sleeves for calves do more than simply boost your circulation. The muscle vibrations created during your workout will cause your muscles to tire. Compression garments support your muscles and decrease the amount of muscular vibration. This reduces the muscle fatigue you may experience during exercise. Less muscle fatigue can mean improved athletic endurance.

    How Compression Benefits Muscle Recovery

    When exercising, your body produces lactic acid and other waste products. The lactic acid created during exercise will contribute to the muscle pain felt after a workout. You do not need to feel muscle pain to benefit from exercise. The circulation boost from graduated leg compression keeps the lactic acid from building up in your muscle. Compression also boosts your lymphatic system and reduces inflammation. Since your muscles benefit from this increase in circulation, you recover faster from exercise with less discomfort. 

    Compression Can Help Reduce Swelling and Prevent Injury

    Since leg sleeves compress, they also reduce any swelling caused by injury. Compression may be beneficial for shin splints, muscle cramps and tendinitis. Compression may not cure the injury, but you could feel much better when compression wear supports your injury. Making your routine more comfortable can motivate you to keep going. 

    Wearing compression may prevent future injury. The gentle pressure created by the graduated compression of leg sleeves will support your calves and keep the area protected. Sleeves can even protect your lower leg from bumps and scrapes. Compression is not a substitute for massage, stretching or proper rest of an injured muscle.

    You have the option of improving your performance and recovery with leg compression sleeves for calves. Compression may even reduce your risk of future injury.

    "OK, I realize now that I need Compression Leg Sleeves, but which ones do I get?"

    Not only will Zensah will help you perform better, recovery faster and help you prevent getting shin splints, but also gives you several options for you to pick from! All of our leg sleeves will help with shin splint relief, are moisture-wicking and improve circulation which leads to a faster muscle recovery. 

    Adding Fun to your Runs

    If you want to add some fun to your runs, you can grab one of our Limited Edition Leg Sleeves that comes in all sorts of fun themes like Foodie, Animals or Abstract prints!

    Prefer Solids?

    If what you're looking for are solid colors, then these are the sleeves for you. 


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