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    Why Wear Wool Running Socks?

    Why Wear Wool Running Socks?

    When preparing to run in cold or wet weather, it can often be difficult to select the perfect running sock for your needs. With so many styles and brands out there, it's hard to know what kind of sock is best. Wool running socks are a convenient solution to this problem; they keep your ankles and feet warm and dry, which is perfect for cold and soggy weather. But why should you choose a wool sock over another sock material, such as cotton?

    Wool Socks Resist Bacteria Growth

    One of the greatest qualities of wool is that it is naturally bacteria resistant. What that means in the context of a running sock is that wool can be worn multiple times without needing to be washed because it won't build up offensive odors very quickly. As long as you leave your wool running socks out to dry, you won't need to perform time intensive washing on them for a long time. Wool socks therefore have an advantage over the high washing maintenance that a cotton sock requires.

    Wool Is a Better Insulator Than Cotton

    When running in cold weather, the last thing you want to be cold are your feet. Wool fibers have a higher density than cotton fibers, allowing them to trap and store heat and resist cold better than their cotton counterparts. Cotton fibers, on the other hand, are poor thermal insulators and will release heat from your foot and allow the cold surrounding air to penetrate your sock. 

    Wool Fibers Are Better at Resisting Moisture Than Cotton Fibers

    Considering that the density of wool fibers is greater than that of cotton fibers, it makes sense that wool would also be better at resisting moisture than cotton. Smaller holes between the fibers means that less moisture can work its way to the interior of your sock. This means that running with a pair of wool socks is going to keep you much drier for much longer on a rainy day than it would with a pair of cotton socks.


    The Verdict 

    Based on the fact that wool running socks require less maintenance, are better at retaining heat, and are so much better at keeping feet dry, they are the clear choice for cold and wet runs. They are also great for the summer.

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