Zensah-Kara Goucher $1,000 Scholarship

Zensah-Kara Goucher $1,000 Scholarship

Applications are currently being reviewed. Finalists will be notified in early May.


One male and one female high school Cross Country and/or Track & Field student-athlete will have a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship!

We see a scholar-athlete as someone who is not only physically capable of reaching for their goals, but mentally willing to put in the work. We have created this program to honor their efforts and help them fulfill their dreams.

I am very excited to be a part of the Zensah-KG Scholarship Program.  Zensah recognizes the importance of high school sports and what a powerful impact participation can have on students’ lives.  High school sports not only allowed me to form lifelong friendships, but also taught me how to be successful in my adult life.  Good luck to all who apply and keep being active! – Kara Goucher

Who can apply?

  • High school sophomores, juniors, & seniors
  • Must have participated in Cross Country and/or Track & Field


The selection committee will judge the applicants based on a number of factors. (Read more about the selection criteria at the bottom of this page.)

  • One male and one female winner will each receive $1,000
  • Coach of winning athlete will also receive a gear kit for their team

About the scholarship:

Student-athletes have the challenge of striving for both academic and athletic excellence. They are driven, motivated, and highly committed. We started this program in order to help aspiring runners achieve their potential!

Kara Goucher is the perfect example of drive and perseverance. It is an honor for us to partner with Kara, who is such an inspiration to many young runners across the country, and hopefully have them follow in her footsteps.

We look forward to engaging stakeholders in the running industry, such as Kara, running retailers, coaches, and athletes, to help encourage all young runners to apply!

The selection committee will be made up of the following people:

  • Kara Goucher
  • Zensah Management
  • Mark Rouse – Owner of Runners High 'N Tri (Arlington Heights, IL)
  • Betsy Hughes - Owner of Track Shack (Orlando, FL)
  • Renee Grant - Owner of Runners Depot (South Florida)

 Selection Criteria:

 The committee will judge applicants based on the following attributes, as well as their coach’s recommendation: 

  • Sportsmanship - It is not always about winning, but inspiring others and making lasting relationships through the sport.
  • Leadership - In the sport, in the classroom, and in the community.
  • Academic Excellence - Scholar-athletes must be able to maintain their grades as well as their athletic performance.
  • Athletic Excellence - The competitive spirit is what makes a great athlete continue to push their limits. This is a trait that all great athletes must have in order to overcome their challenges.