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Zusset Elite Padel Balls


NOTE: Sold as 1 can of 3 balls. Coupons and discounts not applicable to this product and, if used, can subject order to cancellation.

Introducing the Zusset Elite Padel Balls, the ideal sports padel ball in a 3-ball can. These padel balls are certified by the International Padel Federation (FIP). These Zusset balls are durable and produced with the latest materials to ensure long-lasting performance in high-speed games. Created with ideal precision and rebound features for play. Zusset designs these padel balls with consistency of speed and height for elite play. If you're looking for padel balls for your games, practice and play, these are the padel balls for you!

Ultimate Accessory for Ultimate Padel Play

  • Iconic Neon Yellow: Padel balls are all in the quintessential neon yellow, perfect for the court.
  • 3 Pack Can: Contains 3 Padel Balls in 1 Pressurized Can.
  • Designed for All Players: Ideal padel balls for both professional and amateur padel players. 
  • Ideal for Court Play: Hardness and rebound are ideal for play, tournaments, and padel games. The padel balls you are looking for.
  • Sleek Design:Designed and produced with a sleek and sporty design.
  • Recyclable:Produced by Head with a sustainable can made to be easily recycled.


  • Polyester/Rubber