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    Combating Injury in College Athletics with Zensah

    July 19, 2014 2 min read

    From age old traditions to bitter rivalries college athletics is filled with glory, passion and pageantry. Team championships, individual awards and undefeated seasons are met with unbridled joy and adulation from the college faithful, but these lofty accomplishments are not achieved without a good deal of work. Work that inevitably leads to wear and tear on the athletes that those college faithful grow to love. This is where Zensah steps in.

    Zensah Compression works closely with both athletes and athletic trainers to create innovative products to greatly reduce the risk of injury among these hard working athletes as well as reduce recovery time after an injury is experienced. Because of this, Zensah and its unique approach to compression technology is becoming the top choice among athletic trainers at the college level for injury treatment and prevention.

    Collegiate athletes and trainers know that recovery from their workouts is equally as important as these workouts, and they are actively looking for products to help them take full advantage of their recovery time. For this they turn to Zensah and their line of compression gear. For example, Zensah’s proprietary fabric combined with technology driven craftsmanship makes their High Compression Tights a hot product for teams for post-practice, post-game and travel to aid in recovery. These tights help an athlete have fresher legs by providing their muscles with a larger volume of oxygen as well as by flushing out byproducts such as lactic acid through an increase in blood flow.

    High Compression Tights
    High Compression Tights

    Shin splints and plantar fasciitis are also large problems that athletes face. Zensah’s Compression Leg Sleeves and Compression Ankle Supports respectively have answered these issues. These two products not only work great in mending these ailments but also in preventing them via Zensah’s chevron technology and graduated compression.

    Zensah and its commitment to innovation and athletic excellence is taking the world of college athletics by storm. Athletes and trainers alike recognize the value and ease of use of Zensah products and reap the benefits of using these products both on and off the field.

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