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    Six Self-Care Practices to Keep You Looking and Feeling Great

    October 20, 2021 3 min read

    Six Self-Care Practices to Keep You Looking and Feeling Great

    Life has brought us all some unexpected challenges lately, so self-care is more important than ever. Those feeling anxious or having negative thoughts may benefit from practices to boost energy and confidence. If you're still spending more time inside due to health concerns, these practices can help alleviate boredom and elevate positivity. And if you’re thinking of venturing out, you want to look radiant and feel fabulous. Here are a few tips for easy and effective self-care.

    Get in shape to reduce anxiety and achieve better health!

    Do a quick workout.

    It doesn’t have to be a superhero workout to make a real difference for how you look and how you feel. Even a few minutes a day will raise your heart rate, burn calories, and pay off over time. If you have a particular fitness goal you want to achieve, consider using a helpful app. Or you may just be trying to keep active and avoid getting stir-crazy—in which case, throw yourself a little dance party. Whichever workout you choose, be sure you have the right gear.

    Make sure you are getting enough water.

    Staying hydrated is important for your health, your appearance, and your mental well-being. Getting enough water helps reduce headaches and body aches, keeps your energy up, and can even reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It’s also incredibly easy — fill a glass right now and drink up! You can zest up your hydration with a twist of citrus or a sprig of aromatic herbs. Remember to use sustainable glass rather than plastic whenever possible.

    Replace bad calories with good ones.

    Eating better makes you feel better—you know that, but you also know that sticking to a diet can be hard. If you think about the food that you eat in terms of quality rather than quantity, improving your nutrition can be far less of a challenge. It can even be fun. Instead of highly processed bread products loaded with empty calories, try some tasty whole-grain bread and snacks. Incorporate leafy green vegetables into your meals, and if you’re craving something sweet, go for fruit instead of processed sugary snacks.

    Set achievable goals.

    Setting goals can help you feel motivated about turning your dreams into reality, while achieving your goals can make you feel accomplished. If one of your dreams is to earn a master's degree, for example, you can apply for an online program; that way, you can take courses wherever you are, whenever you wish. You'll learn what it takes to become a successful leader in your industry of choice. By learning the skills necessary to rise in your industry of choice, you'll also gain a better understanding of self-awareness and self-assessment. 

    Practice mindfulness.

    Being mindful means being present in the moment, focused on the task at hand, not distracted or looking forward to (or dreading) the next. Simple daily chores can be made less irritating, and even become part of a relaxation ritual, if practiced mindfully. Mindfulness allows you to enjoy the pleasures of the moment more fully and increase your capacity for empathy. And from a practical perspective, mindfulness will also help you avoid making mistakes if you are working from home.

    Update your look.

    Whether you’re heading out or staying in, you know you feel better when you are confident about your appearance. And let’s face it: some of us have gotten a little slack about physical care during the pandemic. And that’s okay—but, it might have you feeling less happy with yourself. Try a different hairstyle or order a few sustainably made clothing items or accessories online. Use a makeup tutorial to experiment with different looks. 

    Remember, too: the best thing you can do for yourself may simply be to practice positivity about your body and your entire self. Remember that you are unique, you matter, and you deserve to feel confident about your body and your entire self. 

    Jenny Miller

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