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    Zensah Athlete and Olympic Hopeful, Rebekah Bradford - Watch her compete live!

    October 24, 2013 1 min read

    Rebekah Bradford
    Rebekah Bradford

    Zensah Athlete and Olympic Hopeful, Rebekah Bradford, will be competing for her place on the 2014 Winter Olympic Speed Skating Team. Speed Skating Team.

    Watch her compete live online at the Speed Skating World Cup Trials.


    She will skate the 500, 1000, and the 1500 M distances.

    Below is her schedule.

    10/25/2013 11:00am  Ladies 500m
    10/25/2013 11:19am  Men's 500m
    10/25/2013 12:17pm  Ladies 3,000m
    10/25/2013 12:44pm  Men's 5,000m
    10/26/2013 11:00am  Ladies 500m #2
    10/26/2013 11:19am  Men's 500m #2
    10/26/2013 12:17pm  Ladies 1,000m
    10/26/2013 12:36pm  Men's 1,000m
    10/27/2013 11:00am  Ladies 1,500m
    10/27/2013 11:23am  Men's 1,500m

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