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    Marathon Season Essentials: Best Marathon Training Gear

    October 25, 2013 2 min read

    Marathon season: the time of the year when you can find multiple races in a weekend and you or someone you know are running.

    In the days before the big race, you start to think about the most important items needed to help you cross the finish line. Below are a list of products we find important when training, racing, and recovering for a half or full marathon. Be sure to pick up some of the best marathon gear.

    1. Compression Socks – Designed with graduated compression, moisture wicking & antimicrobial fabric, arch support, and a cushioned foot bed. These compression socks are perfect for runners to wear during training, race day, and recovery. They will reduce swelling, prevent injuries, and make travel more comfortable.
    2. Nutrition – Important to have the right nutrition planned for race day. There are a variety of options on the market but you can find some brands we like here
    3. Smart Running Gloves – Good for training and race day. Use cell phone and iPod without freezing hands.
    4. Gear belt – If you plan on running with nutrition, phone, or anything else, it is helpful to have a good belt that can hold all these things. Check out the iFitness Single Pouch Neoprene Running Belt.
    5. Seamless Running Sports Bra – The right bra is probably the most important product after shoes. Zensah® seamless sports bras are made in the USA, completely seamless to avoid any irritation and chafing. The fabric is moisture wicking, antimicrobial, and super comfortable and available in over 15 colors.
    6. Compression arm sleeves – Marathon season comes right at the start of fall. The time of year when you never know if to wear a tank top or long sleeve shirt. Compression arm sleeves make that decision easy. Wear them with a tank top to keep arms warm. They are easy to roll down during a race or pull back up if it gets chilly.
    7. Sneaker Swag – Training for a marathon is no easy feat. Most people will put in 3 to 4 months of training which means waking up early, running in the heat, giving up drinking, nights out with friends, and basically a lot of free time. Crossing the finish line is not only a physical achievement but also a mental one. After all the hard work and effort, you deserve to brag about it. Add this detail to your running shoes and show off your achievement.

    Whether you are running a local race or traveling to it, make sure you know what you are packing well in advance. It will help you feel ready and prepared. Most experienced runners will suggest that you don’t try something new on race day. With that said, make sure you try anything out before race day. Good luck!

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