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    Calf Sleeves For Shin Splints

    Calf Sleeves For Shin Splints


    If you are a runner or workout regularly, you probably have experienced the pain and discomfort of shin splints at one point in your life. This condition affects many people and it can seriously diminish your ability to exercise due to the pain it causes. However, recent studies have shown that wearing compression leg sleeves also known as calf sleeves can help reduce the pain and discomfort associated with shin splints. Below is an overview of why calf sleeves may be the answer you have been looking for, so you can return to your normal workout routine with less pain. 

    What Are Shin Splints?

    Shin splints are a painful condition characterized by pain and tenderness that runs down the front of the lower leg, just below the knee. Shin splints are also known as medial tibial stress syndrome and often occur when you add intensity to your workout routine or mileage to your daily run causing stress. This condition is typically worse in the morning hours and when you try to flex your foot up toward your body. 

    Causes of Shin Splints

    Some of the most common causes associated with shin splints include:

    • Improper Stretching
    • Worn Out Shoes
    • Overpronation
    • Overuse

    What Are Calf Sleeves?

    Calf sleeves are a type of compression sock that has been found to reduce the pain associated with shin splints. Compression socks are tighter at the ankle and looser at the top, near the calf. This type of compression assists the body with the return of blood to the heart, working against gravity. Wearing calf sleeves will also decrease muscle soreness and help you feel less tired while working out or running. 

    Will Calf Sleeves Help Reduce Shin Splint Pain?

    If you have shin splints, wearing calf sleeves can help you feel less pain during your recovery and may help prevent a new injury from occurring. However, it is important to see your doctor before wearing compression sleeves to be sure you have shin splints and not a stress fracture which produces similar symptoms. Calf sleeves can be worn even if you do not have shin splints or another type of leg injury. Many athletes find calf sleeves help fight muscle fatigue and increase overall athletic performance. 

    Shin splints can sideline even the best of athletes. If you are battling this condition, you may find it helpful to wear calf sleeves while you run or workout. Get your pair of compression leg sleeves today!